I know im not a hundred percent there but i know im close

by Ricardo
(Susanville, CA United states)

I started to get insomnia my wisdom teeth all of a sudden decided to come in and i got this wierd rash on my right hip. i would just be walking to the kitchen and feel dizzy and my vison will get blurry at times 3D just doesnt look the same anymore and lately i been getting headaches and my neck is acting wierd like a lil ache and im getting jaw pain. Iknow all about the light body and how we are tied to earth and i am very well educated on the subject of esoteric knowledge. I find it all fascinating and i believe it all . My third eye is open. I can feel it i know it in my heart that something is going to happen. Idk if you have some support but if you might have a tip of anysort . I know im not a hundred percent there but i know im close.

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Aug 21, 2012
I know I'm not a hunded percent ...
by: Anonymous


Metamorphoses; A perpetual event as our bodies reveal the experiences of our soul change(s). Keeping the body 'washed' internally is a big help. I use [concentrace] trace minerals (2 tsp) in one gallon of distilled water as well as liquid chlorophyll (2Tbls} in one gallon of distilled water. Your body will reject old eating habits that it once accepted, so listen to your higher self who most likely will or does lead you to raw foods. Cat stretches [yoga] are very good daily to keep your spine flexible. The journey never ends...Peace fellow Traveller, it is a wonderful ride...

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