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I met my Son and whole family on the other side

Holy Cow! Last night I was watching a movie about Atlantis and ascention and I paused it. I felt the need to close my eyes and suddenly everything made sense. I felt a huge band of enery come through me and my body raised in vibration! Then suddenly I heard my deceased Son calling my name. Twice. Then my third eye opened and I could see hear and feel my Son! I started to feel overwhelmed with love. Then the vibration. Then My whole deceased family surrounded me. I heard my Son say. THIS IS IT! THIS IS WHAT YOU"VE BEEN WAITING FOR! We have always been here, but we are closer now. I felt my Son hug me and my body warmed. Then suddenly, my third eye opened and I could see fireworks with closed eyes. I called in my Angels and felt LOVE like I have never felt before.Each Family member acknolged me with love. I opened my eye's but didn't want to ever leave this space. I continued to feel worked on and heard messages for my highest good. Hopefully feel the awe of it like i did.

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