I thought I was crazy!!

by Stacy
(Houston, TX)

My spiritual awakening began about a year and a half ago. At first I had no physical symptoms, but found comfort in what I was learning. I opened myself up and welcomed the change. I started feeling suffocated at the negative environment that I was working in, but continued living more in the light. The more positive I began to feel, the more negativity I noticed around me. I realized that I had attracted negative people and situations that were inline with my lower vibratory rate before I began my spiritual journey. Then I started notice a pain in right elbow/forearm and my right foot and ankle. The situation at my job (very negative workplace) came to a head and they fired me. Even though I should be mad because their reasons for letting me go were shady, I feel liberated!! The constant push and pull of the negative environment I was working in with my new spiritual growth was exhausting. But now, in addition to my physical pain, I feel a constant buzz of nervous energy coursing through my veins. Sometimes it is stifiling. I have lots of support, money saved and two interviews this week.. and yet my core has been shaken and nothing I do can temper the anxiety. My dentist told me last week that I had no cavities, but my teeth hurt!!

I am glad to hear all of the comments posted on this website. At least I know I am not alone and that all this could lead to something great! I believe I am on the right path and will stay the course.

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