I'm Open

by Mary Ann
(Drexel Hill, PA)

For the past week I have been feeling a heightened sense of vibration and energy throughout my body, concentrated in the heart chakra and my arms. I feel it on the left side more so than the right. Certain teeth have begun complaining these past few days. Sometimes my left ear will ring (more like hit an intense, shrill pitch) I also have been getting easily chilled (which is unlike me). I was becoming somewhat alarmed as this sensation has persisted and intensified.

Interesting - in hindsight I am just realizing that many of these symptoms presented following my last acupuncture session (last week)

This has been a time of transition and great expansion for me in the realm of work; while the income has yet to manifest, many doors are opening. Conversely, my spending has diminished to just the basics, out of necessity. Yet I feel very blessed.

I am focusing spiritually in practice, individually and with others, as this time of year invites me to do so. Each morning, my father (89 yrs young) & I share "spiritual breakfast" -- simply a morning phone call (he lives in another state) in which we share a meditation and a prayer.

I am intrigued by this website -- I believe I was led here in my quest to understand what is happening in my body. I have learned that by resisting the pain/sensations (fear), I suffer & am more likely to stay 'stuck', and that by yielding or opening to it (trust), I move through it much easier. I embrace the light and am open to transformation on whatever level it presents, as well as feedback and insight from others.... Thank you for listening...
Love & Light,
Mary Ann M.
Massage Therapist, Reiki Master, spiritual student

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