I'm so excited!

by Jimmy
(Tallahassee, Florida)

My body has been changing for about nine months. It started with what I believe to be a kundilini rising while I was meditating in my car. Energy rose up my spine and out the top of my skull and I felt ecstasy unlike any I had felt in my life. I felt drugged for a couple of days. Since then, I have had constant tingling sensations at the back of my head, on top of my head, and in the third eye areas, and my meditations have been deep and wonderful. I feel great, and humble, and honored to receive this incredible blessing. My experience has been totally positive, aside from the fact that I don't know anybody else who has had a similar experience. I need somebody to talk to about this, somebody who won't think I'm crazy. My e-mail is jimmy@tallahasseepersonalinjury.com.

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Jun 12, 2010
by: Syd, So. Colorado

you are NOT crazy, you are 'connecting' with your greater self, the real you! Congrats are in order!

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