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Infections, Rashes and Skin Eruptions?

I have been experiencing more and more skin rashes, eruptions, cold sores and other low grade viral symptoms since the beginning of 2009. This usually happens after I am more stressed energetically.

I've heard that sometimes when you are working with light that you can get more infections, that the light can cause the bacteria and viruses to grow too. Is anyone else having more of these kinds of symptoms recently?

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Nov 24, 2014
nothing to do with ascension
by: becca

I broke out into rashes yesterday on my arm in face- my skin has never done this before. It's posionious emotions making an attempt to escape. Any unexpressed feelings will always try to get out somehow.. In the cases of anger it comes in rashes.

Aug 28, 2014
ascension symptoms
by: tee el

Greetings, I broke out in a rash on both arms and feet, it came out of no where,and also developed allergies out of no where, did not know it could be because I'm developing my light body

May 24, 2014
Body Rash
by: Rebeca

I always had perfect skin until now as I've been experiencing an extreme rash for a whole month on my lower legs, chest, lower arms, left hand on right side only & top of right foot only on the right side of it. I meant extreme because I thought it would go away by itself but didn't so I ended up having to go to a skin specialist who is treating me & said that she never saw such a bad condition before. She took photos & is doing lots & lots of tests, plus is giving me lots & lots of medicines and different creams to treat it. Three weeks had gone by and I can see and improvement but the itchiness is there even taking medicines. What I can do from a spiritual point of view to help myself? What shall I do?

Nov 19, 2013
Pain On My Left Side
by: Anonymous

I have been having lots of pain on my left side. It really flares up when there are solar flares. It feels like someone is pouring acid on the inside of my body. The pain moves dowmn to my butt area all the down to my left leg downt to my arm and feet. foot. Now the pain has moved to the left side of my tounge and teeth. I went to the dentist and they found nothing. My tounge swells up from time to time oly on the left side. I wonder if anyone else is having these symptoms also?

Mar 05, 2013
Rash on my arms...
by: Anonymous

Hi- I googled rashes/ascension & found you guys.. so glad to know I'm not alone. On my arms and my hands it looks like mosquito bites & is very itchy. I too know it has to do w/ascension. The itchiness was driving me crazy last night so I decided to try something of my own invention. In the shower, I rubbed sea salt all over my arms... it felt great to scour the itchiness & they say taking a sea salt bath is perfect for spiritual cleansing so that is how I got the idea... I hope it won't leave scars... it seemed a little better today at work... I've had it for 4 days now... I too & trying to drink a lot of water and eat salads, fruit & very healthy food... this is crazy, but yes the end result is worth it... glad I'm not alone in this...

xoxo, Debbie

Dec 10, 2012
by: Anonymous

I've experienced break outs in the roof of my mouth. It started this year over the summer. I've never had these before. I went to the doctors and they said its from stress? They are like canker sores! I don't know. I thought it to be something associated with the ascension process. Any thoughts?

Jun 14, 2012
skin rash
by: Ren

I have same on both legs front and back and am taking Chlorella and trying to wait for it to pass!

Mar 27, 2012
Rashes and Ascension
by: Anonymous

This is a great feed. I have been experiencing, for the past 2 months - a crazy skin break out, mostly up my right lower leg and right upper arm & chest. It seems to go through cycles of mellowing and re-flaring. Reading these posts I think the solar flares may have something to do with it because it literally looks like I have a heat rash. Even my Acupuncturist tells me I have a heat condition in my blood. Though I have been taking lots of supporting supplements and purifying my already clean diet to an even more basic - more raw - place, I know that this is beyond the physical. I am so grateful to see others who know this as I do. That the heating up this planet and the solar system is experiencing is heating us up - raising our vibration - and when we are dialed in, we are able to utilize this potent energy to purify our body temples. So, for me and some of us - it looks like a rash...guess it's better than some of the alternatives, though everyone has their way. One of my dear friends is experiencing a flare up in her relationship dynamic every few days or so, and I think I am glad my way is not emotional in nature. The more I meditate or go into service, the more I feel relief. Focusing on the problem definitely amplifies it - which can be either good or bad (though neither actually exists) - but I mean, the process can proceed more quickly, or slowly depending on my focus. I know, in my core, that as I align with my highest truth and allow for the peace inside to fill every corner of my knowing, that this too shall pass. and that I am perfect, whole and complete NOW - no matter what. Thank you! And here's to Grace.

Nov 23, 2011
Yang and CME's
by: Ramas

What many of you are experiencing like me is the yang energy coming from the sun through CME's.
A "coronal mass ejection" can be thought of
as the sun giving it's yang energy to those who are ready to receive. My skin erupts on the right side (yang or Positive) and happens when I am not well grounded to the earth energy, and when there is strong C class flares or M class. This is a very high "spiritual energy". There are some great Tao
meditations for grounding that might give you some relief. Don't worry about will pass and it won't hurt you! Hope this helps.



"Family Of Light"

Sep 27, 2011
me too
by: Anonymous

I wrote one of the comments below a couple of years ago. The symptoms continue on and off. This past summer my dog brought got poison oak oil on his coat from running through some brush. I didn't realize it was on him and got the worst case of poison oak I have ever had. My entire body felt on fire, huge blisters on my arms, swelling. Tried holistic approach first, no success. Ended up on Prednisone and Bactrim, which I was allergic to and filled in the rest of the spots with a rash that weren't already covered. It took a month to calm down. Still itching from the inside out. Dr. told me I have the poison oak systmeically, and when it activates it goes through my whole system. I meditated a lot, as I was stuck in the house mostly naked (good thing it's summer), as nothing could touch the areas without extreme pain. In meditation I heard that my body is taking this opportunity to release many old issues. My skin is the way my body chooses to do this. I thanked my skin for doing it's job and asked to get it over with as quickly as possible. I feel like I'm getting to the sticky stuff at the "bottom of my barrel" so to speak. Now that I am through the healing crisis of it all, I do feel like I released a lot of whatever was weighing me down. I feel clearer, lighter in mind and body. One interesting thing that got my interest in the posts is that I, too have had a swollen lymph node in my neck on the LEFT side. It goes up and down. Interesting that the others who posted had the left side issue, wondering if that is significant. When I asked, it came to me that the left side is symbolic of my divine feminine and my heart center. My heart chakra is opening and releasing old wounds. Just thought I would share that. Thanks to all who posted, it really helps me to keep things in perspective.

Sep 26, 2011
low grade kerion skin infection,swollen nodes
by: step

yes i guess we can all agree that when we awoke to our true god selves we welcomed the unexplainable love we had recieved,but could not relate this love to the mental,emotional,and physical changes this pure light would bring us through to bring us into it(it hurts so good sometimes love dont feel like it should god makes it hurt so good)ha ha.i awoke oct 2008,months later the mental and emotional symptoms began of course i didnt understand what was going on but i knew i had become a junkie for love and it was driving me crazy that i felt so seperated from it.before i knew it if i wasnt gaining i was losing lymph nodes began swelling on the left side of my neck along with low grade kerion behind my ear(hurts so good)luv.

Oct 01, 2010
skin rashes and eruptions
by: IntoGod

Thank you so much, all of you, for your honesty. I have been experiencing a total body rash that is not intolerable, but annoying. It started this summer on the back of my thigh as a skin eruption. It disappeared and then returned. It is an itchy spot now that bothers me sometimes. right now my arms and legs are itchy and also my face. It is not noticable, which I am thankful for. I am also sensitive to food and am constantly in the process of trying to figure out how to eat without having some kind of reaction in my body. I think I will try eliminating gluten. I have learned that when something is happening in the spirit, there will always be some kind of physical manifestation at the same time. Even though I know this, I never connected the rash to a physical manifestation of something spiritual. Now that I have read all of your comments, it makes total sense. I'll continue on my path and shift my diet again and of course, turn it over to God in the light of this new revelation. Thanks again.

Aug 29, 2010
Rash - Allergies II
by: Barbara

I wrote the comment below. Also I wanted to add these are real physical ailments. I went to the doctor and had blood test my ANA and white blood cell count was elevated, indicating an auto-immune system response to some allergen. Also my lymph nodes on my neck were enlarged on the left side. The ear/nose/throat doctor said my body was having an auto-immune system response to something I was possibly ingesting. So next is an allergin skin test, so that I know what to stay away from.

I believe when we ascend to a higher vibration this is just the effects of it. We are vibrating higher and our bodies call for higher energy decisions from us, such as healthier, whole and less processed foods. Gluten allergies seems to be on the rise or so I have seen in several posting on several sites. I believe with all the processing it goes through our bodies are telling us we cannot tolerate it. Please feel free to write me at I would enjoy hearing from others going through similar issues.

Aug 29, 2010
Rashes - Food Allergies
by: Barbara

Great to find this I too have been having weird rashes since 2008...for the last two months the rashes have been severe over my legs, arms, chest back and stomach. Very, very itchy. I was told by my guides in meditation that this is part of the ascension process, as our bodies vibrate higher we are going through past lives and this lives issues that need releasing. Our skin erupts to rid our bodies of toxins related to these experiences. Also I believe I am allergic to gluten, so I started ridding my diet of gluten last year, then when my income dropped, during a career change, I started eating it again. This time along with the breakouts I feel extremely low in energy, as if ridding myself of these toxics is taking a lot of energy. Also my whole body is rejecting any processed or what my guides are calling "low energy foods". Their advice try and eat less processed foods. The less additives the better. Stay away from gluten as much as possible and junk food. Eat whole foods like fresh fruit and vegetables, whole meats. The more foods are processed and things are added to them the lower the energy. My breakouts have lessened, but still remain. I was also told drinking more water would also help to eliminate toxins quicker. I hope this helps those out there going through a similar process. As our bodies vibrate higher, it cannot tolerate the lower energy foods, especially fast foods. Food has energy too. Try and eat healthier, you will feel better.

May 14, 2010
skin rashes, boils, blisters, etc.
by: Marie M.

I started breaking out around the time of the flood in RI at the end of March-beg. of April. The biopsy showed I had an allergic reaction to something. They put me on Prednisone, which immediately made all the bumps, boils, and blisters go away, leaving blemishes and some scarring. As soon as they started to taper the Prednisone, the skin eruptions started again. I think I may have developed some kind of autoimmune skin disorder. I'm still tapering the Prednisone and started to take 2,000 mg Reishi (Ling Zhi) against the advice of my doctors (I'm not sure of the dosage or Reishi I should be taking). I'm on day two with the Reishi, which seemed to have stabilized the outbreaks.

We'll see how well I do with the Reishi and without the Prednisone once I'm through tapering it off.

Nov 27, 2009
by: Anonymous

I didn't realize there were so many others with this problem. I am 55 years old and my face is never clear of eruptions anymore. They seem to be very deep and stay for sometimes a month before dissipating. I am very self-conscious around other people, and always notice that most people have beautiful, clear skin, which makes me feel like hiding my face. I found one product that helps to cover without making things worse, but it is $60 for 1/2 oz., and now I am unemployed. It seems to hinder my ability to look people in the eye, as I know they are looking at me thinking I am unattractive because of it, or feeling sorry for me. I had a friend tell me that I would be so beautiful if my skin were clear. Also, I have the reactions to bug bites, like someone else mentioned, but never connected it to the ascension symptoms. Bugs love me, then I react to the bites severely. Also poison oak keeps appearing. I hope this works its way out soon.

Nov 17, 2009
rashes etc...bug bites?
by: Gayanne

I looked over this site to see if anyone had my problem and this seemed to be the closest one. My problem is an extreme reaction to bug bites compounded by the fact that they absolutely love me and others don't even get bit! This actually has gone on for a couple of years starting with "no-see-em" jelly fish, then on and off when my dog brings in fleas or something...last May I stepped in a pile of fire ants.

Each time it seems more body is "on fire" like there is a poison in my system and this last time it was almost like an asthma attack where I felt a constriction across my chest and nearly short of breath. My doctor just says to use Benadryl which helps somewhat. And then, the bites are slow to heal and may bother me for months!

My friend just did a body scan and muscle testing and says the issue is not low immunity but an overactive auto-immune system. She confirmed my suspicions that not only would it be nearly deadly for me to get the flu shot (have never had one) but that an IV or blood transfusion could be a problem as well. She is recommending a holistic treatment that she can do to my blood and lymph system so I hope this will help. We both feel that this increased sensitivity is due to having anchored more light into my body over the years and having released alot of toxins.

Anyone else with this issue?

Nov 08, 2009
by: Sally

Oh yes. For me it was the kidneys, overworked. So took remedies for that. But then strengthening the other organs, spleen, colon helped. Triphala tea is amazing for toning digestion. And changing to Ayurvedic cleanses with ghee, sesame oil, castor oil and eating kitcheri, which clears ama (undigested foods) Also, at first I took some colonics to kick start my old habits of eating and be able to change to the cleanse of Ayurveda, called pancha karma, I did the presursor, which includes virechana (castor oil cleanse) after taking ghee to oleate the system. So yea, bigtime clearout. also taking oregano for the viuruses, surfacing as plantar warts.

ooh boy,

Oct 18, 2009
Yes, many changes this year
by: Mashubi

Yes Amy, I've been experiencing stronger physical and energetic changes this year too. I find that paying attention to inner guidance seems to be the best way to give our bodies what they need. I continue with the gluten free diet and this is very helpful. I have found for myself that sometimes I need help through energy work or even medical interventions, as much as I dislike these! Thanks so much for sharing!

Oct 18, 2009
Gluten, rashes and allergies
by: Amy

This is amazing to read about. Mashubi... I gave up gluten around February of this year! (2009) Something spoke to me in my heart... I started getting severe rashes and didn't know why, and I began to remember where I had read about gluten sensitivies. I cut out the gluten and noticed a remarkable change after a month or two. I also have been noticing this year, things that normally I could tolerate... now I can't. I never, to my knowledge, had problems with allergies, or rashes, or sensitivities... but this whole year has been a humdinger for me! I've had rashes more than not. On the plus side I am losing weight, I got diagnosed with a thyroid problem and have been taking medicine for it, for which I am grateful. I'm amazed though at the changes my body seems to be going through. It's interesting to see so many who are also experiencing this!

Sep 21, 2009
by: Sandy

Since gradually growing more and more sensitive I have changed my diet to high raw vegan and found this to be brilliant for my system. I have had a gum infection on and off for six months now, have tried antibiotics which gave me another infection but didn't cure the gum problem, and so now am taking ionic silver and putting reishi mushroom powder in my afternoon smoothie. Both are excellent for infections and the immune system. I also feel that my body will heal itself quicker with little or no intervention from me.

I really appreciate reading all the posts here and find them hugely helpful, so thank you from my heart to all who have written.
Much love and gratitude

Sep 18, 2009
Yes, gentle cleansing
by: Mashubi

Hi Dorothy, yes this has been my experience too, that my body is more easily irritated by allergens and toxins. I gave up eating gluten at the beginning of this year and noticed an improvement with my aches and pains. I also got more educated about the toxins in even natural skin care products, and switched to using non-toxic products without a lot of herbs and botanicals, since that was causing reactions in my body. Thank you for sharing.

Sep 18, 2009
Some Ideas
by: Dorothy

I have been experiencing similar situations (although my body seems to have graduated to more internal issues). My take is that our bodies are trying to remove toxins and the skin is the broadest way to do so. Everyone so far has made wonderful contributions and I would like to add some. I suspect that as our realizations and our physical and spiritual awakenings increase toward a higher rate of frequency we, our bodies, are less tolerant of our environmental "poisons" or toxins. We are becoming more intolerant of the foods we eat, et al. For me, I have always had excema when stressed, etc. That is diminishing but now my intestines are troubling me. Gluten appears to be the culprit i.e., processed foods. removing stress will help, tho some is okay, and the remedies are nice to alleviate the symptoms.I suspect that the more we fight the process the worse it will be for us. I think that riding it out, as uncomfortable as it is, may be the best solution - not to deny the remedy help, as that helps the body do its job. Do careful and gentle detoxes and cleanses, eat more whole foods, ratio the amount of water to help flush the toxins out, and continue on the path we are on; we must be doing something right or we would not be experiencing these things. Think of this: have you ever had relationships with a certain type of person to where you get rid of one guy or girl just to have him or her replaced by one that is the same or worse? It is because we did not learn the lesson they were there for us for. It is like fighting the thing you need the most. We need to purge, I believe. I think it is part of the proces. Good luck to all and pray for healing for each and everyone of us. We have wonderful times ahead of us :)

Sep 17, 2009
Me too
by: Mashubi

Wow, thank you everyone for sharing. I too am having some very extreme skin eruptions, both chronic and new ones. Yes, I hear more and more of people on a spiritual path who are experiencing this kind of symptom.

I am so glad for those who have found something that helps your symptoms! I find that taking lysine (an amino acid) helps prevent some of my break outs, and it is one of the few supplements I can take without getting a headache. Sometimes I use a potent antiviral herbal formula that helps prevent some of the symptoms. The rest I give to God with a prayer that it end soon!

Sep 17, 2009
body of boils
by: Durga Devi

After my spiritual awakening in 2006 i have had an eruption of boils over my body which is still occuring. i have tried various prescribed antibiotics and creams but nothing has worked. after resisting it for a good year & more i have finally just let go of trying to fix it and i am just allowing my body to go through this process.
Deep down inside i know that it is a spiritual cleanse of sorts and really just needs to run its course. I'm also having break outs on my face and neck like never before in the last couple months. These past 3 years have been a series of physical, uncontrollable bodily adjustments that come on spontaniously as i feel the energy move through me. i'm relieved to hear that i'm not the only one with these symptoms.

Sep 17, 2009
Skin irritations, rashes, etc.
by: Tek Nickerson

I have some experience with itchy rashes under my armpits, since I moved to a very humid rainforest. My dermatologist explained that the bacteria and viruses battle on the skin for territory. He prescribed two cremes: Ciclopirox Olamine and Desoximetasone. THEY WORK! My primary physician mentioned that a similar environment exists beneath the breasts of large breasted women, so these Rx may work there, as well.

Pimples break out throughout the body in relation to the less than optimum performance of specific organs within the body.

A Master Cleanser Cellular Fast and Colon Cleanse may do wonders to detox the body and help move it to a point where your auto-immune system can take over and finish the job.

Sep 16, 2009
by: Sharon

I also have been expereincing skin out breaks of sorts.. closer to my monthly cycle.. for about year & half. I am a energy healer and my process.. my skin issues can be challeging

Sep 16, 2009
by: Anonymous

I have, I take oregano oil to kill viruses..

Sep 16, 2009
same here
by: Anonymous

the more connected i get..the more infections and flare ups..but i guess it's a small price to pay

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