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Intense Energy at the Top of My Head

by Colleen

For the past 4 months or so I have been receiving intense energy (or something) at the top of my head.(My head and ears are very sensitive to energy). Sometimes the feeling just comes when I pray or meditate and then it is very light and just at my crown, however, other times it just comes out of no where and is very, very strong. It circles my head--top of hairline by forehead, side of ears, upper neck area ---(like a ring if you are wearing a hat a while and take it off). It doesn't hurt but it is overpowering and I just have to sit there and do nothing. It is a little like a tingle and feels like energy. After it stops (it can last hours) I don't feel any better or worse. Sometimes I wake up at night and it is happening and sometimes it is there in the morning when I wake up and some days I don't have it. I don't know if there is a connection but around the same time it started I also got back to meditating (however I am not a very good meditator but I try) and also praying and connecting with God on a very deep level. I haven't received much internal guidance about it, sometimes I feel it is part of the Light Body Experience and other times I think I have a major neurological problem, however, other than this I am very, very healthy. I have started to have acupuncture treatments but after 4 of them I haven't noticed any difference. The doctor said my BP was borderline and gave me some Chinese herbs to take and said maybe I am very sensitive and with the BP being a little high that may be causing it. I just started taking them so will see. I have felt energy at the top of my head since the 90s but nothing of this magnitude. Just don't know what to do.

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