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Intense Static feeling

by Autumn

My little brother passed away a little over a month ago. He had come down from school to visit for the holidays. I had went and stayed the night with someone, so he stayed in my room that night and he died in my room.

I have had several dreams but the one dream that has had a huge impact on me is the most recent one.

I was asleep but I could see my room, and he was standing on the side of my bed with his hoodie on. I remember looking at him in disbelief and saying his name a couple of times. He kept saying 'I have something to show you. Come here. Follow me.' And he was pointing. He reached down and grabbed my hand to help me up and I felt this intense static feeling throughout my whole body. I also felt as tho someone was holding me down from getting up.

Also as I'm typing this now, I'm getting a scent of the axe body spray he has always worn. This has never happened before. weird.

But anyways, When I awoke from that dream, I was sweating and screaming. It was very intense. Can anyone tell me anything about what I'm experiencing??

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Mar 09, 2013
by: Anonymous

I've experienced a few deaths of close relatives and each time I've had different experiences. With my Dad I saw a sort of white mist leave from the top of his head when he died and it sort of gathered beside his bed but remained attached to the top of his head by a thin strand for several days. Also, the day we went to register his death, as my Mum started to sign the book, the lights went out throughout the whole building. We knew it was Dad. As I drove home, there wasn't another car on the road for miles and that's uncommon in my city and also all the traffic lights in the city had stopped working.

When my Mother was dying she kept coming in and out of consciousness. She stared at me with intensity and said "I've been to Spain and I've seen the baby - one, two, three whooopsadaisy!" And while she was saying that, she was also trying to edge herself down towards the edge of the bed. I phoned my son in Spain and he told me his little two year old son had just come running out of his bedroom shouting "Nanna's here, one, two three, whooopsadaisy, down the slide!" He had a small plastic slide in his bedroom and he showed my son how 'Nanna' was helping him to slide down it. My son had been living in Spain for several years and my Mother had never met her great grandchild, until she was dying when I believe she astral travelled to see him - and he definitely saw her too.

Another was when a cousin of mine died. She was a lot older than me but we were very close during my childhood and I thought the world of her. The day before she died I visited her in hospital and gave her a hug. She hugged me back with much more strength than I expected. That night, I woke up with what I can only describe as electricity surging through my body, I could almost hear it crackling. My whole body was tingling with this electricity going round and round until eventually it exited through the soles of my feet and I was back to normal. I noticed it was 4.10am and I immediately thought of my cousin.

The following morning her daughter phoned me to tell me that my cousin had died at 4.10am.

We are electromagnetic. We give and receive energy from each other all the time and we call it 'love'. When one of us leaves the group, that energy withdraws and we really do feel it physically.

Jan 04, 2013
Sleep Paralysis
by: Anonymous

I've only experienced sleep paralysis once, but I do recall that it was a terrifying experience not being able to move or scream. When I woke up, I saw flowers floating in the air above me, so I took it as a positive sign that everything was ok and to stay out of fear.

Later, I researched this sleep paralysis and there was one thing that I strongly resonated explained that sleep paralysis can be like a defense mechanism that your body has to keep you from physically sleep walking.

It makes sense to me that if you're not consciously familiar with astral travel, then you may not know how to astrally come out of your body yet. Maybe you had the sleep paralysis to keep you laying down in bed for that reason.

I know it's easier said than done, but if you can stay out of fear, maybe you can leave your body next time. I've been able to successfully leave my body since then and get a little more experience with astral travel.

I'm so sorry for your loss...I hope the explanation helps you :-)

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