Internal illumination

by loving light

In addition to fogginess, Caffeine (general food) aversion/intolerance, insomnia or inability to sleep for more than a short time, Neural firings, headaches and auditory buzzing, I am frequently awakened by an internal illumination so bright that without opening my eyes I can see my physical surroundings bright as midday even at 0200-0300. I feel as though I have slept until noon as it is so bright. Almost as if I am starting to astral project. I can sometimes see from above also. I do have astral lucid dreams and experiences frequently as well. It is the illumination that is most recent (1year now).

I water fast, dry fast, and juice fast to keep myself clean during this time of evolution. My spirit is healing and growing and my body is healing from within. I give and receive messages from my dearest love and we sometimes share astral 'dates' of sorts. These are spontaneous, not planned. And he will call me the following evening to confirm. It is amazing.

I am open and eager for whatever comes next. Blessed be

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