Is it suggested to eat salmon or tuna?

I have been following with raising our consciousness and in the beginning was told to incorporate only tuna or salmon as a source for the omega oils/protein necessary for our bodies. Your website doesn't mention fish, is it recommended to eat fish at all?

In following a higher consciousness development, are beans recommended? Again, in the beginning of reading into material such as your website, i learned that beans were recommended b/c of the protein and that they were plant based. They are listed as a vegetable. And nuts were recommended, what about nuts?

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The Sacred Consciousness of Food
by: Anonymous


As one's body goes into a higher vibration along with that of mother Earth, it is important to pay attention to the vibration of the food we eat. While some people need meet, including fish, eating a plant-based diet, including beans, will better support the body in health and adapting and receiving a higher vibration of light.

See: "The Sacred Consciousness of Food" for more information.

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