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John H / what is also happening

by John H
(Rancho Cordova California)

I have heard that scientists are now watching where our solar system is currently
going. It is said that on Dec 21st 2012 our solar system will be in the center of our galaxy. All planets will align and this is called the galactic interplanetary line up, also known as the Galactic alignment. Scientists are recording a different energy field we are moving into, but they don't know what it is, they just know it is different. Our energy IS changing around us. Prophecy is being fulfilled and events are happening quickly on Earth. As a species we have to focus from our hearts and our minds to not only bring peace to Earth, but prepare us ( each Individual ) for our transformation as new light beings. The bible states we will be given new bodies as clothing and they will last forever. Whatever and however the transformation occurs, we will definitely change. I find that focusing my thoughts and my heart consciously and sub consciously on the planet, everyone, and the universe it helps me become prepared for the change. I actually feel as I am a part of everything. Knowing this, I fully understand that money and material objects are not what life and growing is about. Once you are connected to everything and know you are connected, this includes a relationship with God in your own way, you then realize that what life is about is love, sharing, giving, and growing spiritually. We are here but a short time and we cannot bring anything with us except the love we give and receive. Our higher destiny is to become something greater than what we already are and we are moving in that direction as I write this. Even though we may not know someone personally, they are connected to us along with the universe. As a species we have to learn to love and give from our hearts. We seem to do this when emergencies occur and then go our own way. But during this time we do this, we feel connected to one another in a way that is difficult to explain, except by using the word LOVE. If you are filled with despair and hopelessness and do not know exactly what to do or how to react, let me help you. FIRST: Don't worry, things always work out and the universe has a plan, ( GOD ) if you may. SECOND: KNOW that everything will be fine and use your energy within you to focus on positive thoughts, loving thoughts. Remember love is always stronger than hate, so getting over hate and being angry can be conquered through concentration and focus through our inner being. THIRD: Try everyday to do something that will benefit earth or its civilization, by helping, loving, giving, fixing or making something better. FOURTH: realize that YOU are MORE than what others tell you. No one can take your place and you definitely have a destiny, no matter what mean people may say or how you may feel inside. WE can create what we want on Earth by changing as individuals first. Our mind set, our hearts, and our spirits all play a part in that. If we refused to fight a war, there would NOT be war. If we quieted our hearts and minds and knew we could change things, we would all do it, but we give power to others and give up. The power is yours to take, no one makes you do anything, it is a choice. Once everyone realizes who and what they are, it will be easier to help transform this world to make it a better place. Anger, hate, selfishness, and self centeredness has to vanish. Enjoy your life and be at peace because YOU choose it. Blessing others and knowing you are a bigger part of something you may not even realize is a gift in itself. Know your inner light and know you are changing for the better. Love ya all. John H

Comments for John H / what is also happening

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by: Doran

Thank you John!

Thank You
by: Sandy

Much love and appreciation for your inspiring words John.

by: Anonymous

Very inspiring thanks for the share (-:

by: deb

Thank you, John...uplifting and thankful retrograde is over and moving forward once again...bless you.

Thanks, John
by: Sydney

for such incredible communication I needed to hear right now!

by: Alex

I have been researching this solar alignment myself John however scientist predicting us moving into a new energy field I have not heard yet. I have heard that the poles will change, so yeh a shift in the earth's magnetic field sure. I also heard that the sun (we are suppose to have one of the biggest solar flares on record) is suppose to change the genetic makeup of our atoms. I forget which I think it was 11 Electrons or something to 7 which is LIGHT. It is also apparent that many religions have predicted something to occur on said date which is amazingly my 18th birthday :P. Well I thank you John for your thoughts and insight, best of luck to you and all of us. Peace be with you brother.

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