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Just read a few people's sharing and i'm excitec

by John
(Burlington, VT)

I just read Jimmy's share on his experience and I can't tell you how siked I am to have read it. I have been on alot of sites over the past two and a half years and have not read anybody's down to earth testimony of what is going on with them that I could relate to in a huge way. My name is JD and I live in Burlington, Vermont with my wife and two little girls. I got into prayer and meditation in July of 2005 for a variety of reasons but mainly to keep from killing myself with booze and other substances. All has been good and way better since that point in time. Two and a half years ago I was praying the Rosary during a really ruff time. My wife almost died. Long story short I felt the tickle, vibration in my genital area and the surge of energy that rifled through my body makeing every muscle twitch legs kicking upetc... This has been happening every day and night for the past two and a half years. That guy Jimmy mentioning almost having an orgasm durring this. That has happened a few times to me and trust me when your not only meditating but praying the Rosary and that stuff happens , you accept it but it is wild to say the least. About six months ago I started seeing a purple light , a brilliant purple light after meditating and praying at night that engufs my whole inner being. It's like someone is shinning an intense purple flashlight in front of your closed eyelids but it floods my whole being. Energy going out of my crown and energy comming back in, the strange head bobbings and swaying, facial freekshow, snake muscle constrictions, feeling ectasy and a real closeness to God. All of this is happening but I have never heard anybody like you jimmy if you are out there that is going through basically the exact same stuff. Anyone I approach about this thinks I'm completely nuts so I don't. I'm just letting the process unfold. Peace JD

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Aug 29, 2010
Just a comment
by: John H

Hey John...I am posted here as well under John H. I just wanted to say that everyone that is reaching a higher spiritual awareness goes through different symptoms. Don't think your crazy or nuts because you are not. Because we are physical and our bodies are not used to such advanced progression we are all going through at this time, our bodies react differently from one another. With me, I go through blnk periods where i sit and just zone. Other times I see things that are going to happen in the future. My body is more in tune with the earth, so a lot of times I can predict earth quakes because I get dizzy and believe I run on the exact same frequency as the earth. I havent missed yet on any predictions. Pray about the reactions your body is having if it makes you feel un comfortable and I am sure God can remove it. The mind is powerfull and can make the body react to certain thoughts you have..slower heart rates, lower blood pressure, orgasms, etc. just thought i would drop a few words that may be helpfull, hope they were.
john H Sacramento california

Aug 27, 2010
by: Jimmy

I'm sure you are freaking out just like I am, but in a good way. We have to talk. E-mail me at This is super exciting.


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