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Kathryn M.

I am currently dealing with secondary progressive multiple sclerosis and am severely disabled. But since July 2014 I developed a black tongue and throat. After bloodwork/colonoscopy/endoscopy there really is nothing wrong with me aside from multiple sclerosis. Which according to my MRI has not changed in 5 years. My black tongue finally began subsiding the weekend of September 20 but in its place came brown streaks in my gum line and teeth. My teeth and gums have always been excellent... So when I asked my higher self "what's going on?" The answer I get is purification. I even called to my spiritual teachers who confirmed what I was hearing. I am told this stretch of brown teeth will be gone within the week.

I do feel the light beginning to open within my body and become dizzy.

So hopefully the symptoms will be long quickly – thank you for giving me a place to write, Kathy

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