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Light Body Activation?

by divine vivi
(jakarta, indonesia)

I had been involved in spirituality since 2003, all spiritual activities went well..but I still remember very well I was seeking for holistic healing mid early on dec 2012, due to of my denial of having out of body experiences. thus I had the same dream continously of witnessing alienship over the night sky which they message to me that they are here for unconditional love and helping earth to prepare of the ascension.

Physically, I also having tingling on my top of head, ringing on my left ear mostly.. blurred vision, headache, and neckpain etc that made me so uneasy with this.

my background or the way I raised was very rigid about all of these stuff as they are too much religious and always I feel like an OUTCAst here.

Shortly, since I drew to holistic healing and treatment by crystal healing with my therapist...something which is strange is that I become more sensitive.
I become dizzy and heaviness in the crowd, and feeling wanted 2 throw up..but when I m in quite place, home, temple, meditation center I feel so peacefull n no anxiety at all.
thus I become very choosy in making friendship..its not becoz that I am arrogant, but my body always weak and feel want to get fainted when I mingle with those who are in not the same vibration. in other words, I m more intuned with kindred spirit,
but, due to my work in tourism business which force me 2 get along with many,.. this things should have been more compromised or at least I must able to controll and deal with dis,, therefore my therapist adviced me for reiki atunement.

I also try 2 seek medical help..I have problem with blood pressure usually 130/90 now 140 /90.
so.. after I attained reiki atunement one thing I feel strongly is the sensation of body,
I am few extra weight but I feel so light.. sometimes in my physical eyes I saw dim of white lights, and when I close my eyes is no longer dark, thus I can see some energy field in things that i see..
the crown head tinling is intense, also the headache and neck pain..
my intuition grows rapidly, I feel that therae are other entities or maybe my guardian angels around me. I knew that i never Alone.sometimes...when everything around me so alive I feel like i am flying and soaring..

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