Light Body Changes - Difficulty Sleeping

I am having a lot more difficult sleeping lately. Sometimes I can't fall asleep, or I only sleep for a few hours. I am exhausted but sleep doesn't come. My wife has been waking up very early at 3am every morning, and friends from our spiritual community are also having trouble falling asleep. I feel so much going on in the spiritual planes, it is difficult to relax.

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May 10, 2009
Re: Light Body Changes - Difficulty Sleeping
by: DR

I have felt a spiritual vibrational shift a few weeks ago. I don't understand it all, but every night since then I wake up at some point in the night, very unusual for me. Also, I wake up earlier and with more energy. This is combined with a sense of their being a great deal of movement and 'tumult' on other levels. Much shifting and problems taking place on the physical level which requires a great deal of attention, seems like an expression of this.

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