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Light Body Experiences - Is this Normal?

by Silvana
(Absecon NJ 08205)

i'm experiencing nervousness lack of creativity mood swings tired aches and pains is this normal please let me know how do i deal with this problem thank you hope to hear from you soon my email is

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Apr 18, 2010
Chest pains - comments
by: ladychrysanthemum

To those that are experiencing heart pains, back pains, and accelerated heart beats, these are symptoms of your heart chakra shedding layers of past traumas as residual pain leaves your body, heart chakra, and other layers continue to hold on to.

It was extremely painful for me and lasted for months. I couldn't breathe, and it felt like a vise around my ribcage. Some remedies may be to have a reiki practitioner work on you, or perhaps other types of energetic work, like shamanism (I practice shamanism, so that was my go to). Continue to meditate on consciously letting any issues go and asking for it to be release more quickly. Accept any gifts that come up, including shadows.

Once you let go of these, you will be so grateful. Remember to thank Spirit for these gifts. However, if you are anything like me, those with a great deal of compassion may have many layers to go through! It may come back, but at least it will be easier the next time. Ultimately, it is all for a good cause.

The good thing is that heart chakra clearing is one of the most important pieces to clearing your body. Someone once told me that for me, it would help to connect my lower to my upper chakras, creating a bridge between the physical and your spiritual self. That was good, because compared to my peers, I felt like a dunce in the psychic department. I was told that I was developing my heart chakra on other planes as well in the process.

Apr 18, 2010
Light Body Experiences - comments
by: ladychrysanthemum

Some of the symptoms mentioned on this page sound like common ones that I go through as I shed old emotional patterns and traumas.

For the person experiencing nervousness, mood swings, and lack of energy, I would say that you work on grounding and maybe circulating your energy. Yoga and other activities help to circulate your energy so your body adjusts. As far as grounding, try meditations that ground your energy, including sitting or walking barefoot on the grass. Also, try meditations that shoot to reach a state of calm focus in balance with Gaia's energy.

The mood swings are normal. You are just releasing, detoxing, perhaps too by reliving old traumas in order to release them. Just thank the gifts that the mood swings give you and experience the letting go process. Finally, the lack of energy is a symptom of your body working in waking and sleep time. It is asking for more sleep from you. We cannot always do that, but the best option would be to give yourself a rest and allow the process to take over. Pay attention to any dreams you might have.

While light body experiences can be painful, they can also be a great gift. Learning to experience and accept the gifts and to let go gracefuly brings great insight into the experience and helps you change to the new energies coming in.

Oct 31, 2009
Chest pains
by: Mashubi

I am sorry for the pain and fear you are experiencing. I recommend you first get your symptoms checked by your health practitioner or naturopathic doctor. That way you can know what may or may not be a medical issue, and what may be an energetic issue. Light related energetic changes can produce symptoms, sometimes severe, that can appear like medical issues. Sometimes you you do need to treat symptoms medically or using other treatments, regardless of their origin. Getting help may also help some with the fear. Sometimes light body symptoms appear like medical issues but do not respond to medical treatments. In that case I've found that energy based treatments like acupuncture can help. Prayers and blessings to you.

Oct 31, 2009
please help me, i am terrified !
by: Anonymous

i am an indigo adult and I am having chest pains that are so bad that it is hard for me to inhale.It feels like this uncomfortable painful pressure,and last night I was laying in bed and I literally could hear my heart beat and it made a cracking sound each time like a tick tock.Other symptoms:internal lower base of spine pain where I can barely bend down,sore elbows,cracking sounds when I inhale.Please explain to me what is going on.thank you so much !

Jun 05, 2009
by: Deb Fitz

It seems that having a massage, for at least an hour will start to help you. Ask for a relaxing massage and if there are any specific areas, (shoulders, Neck, Lower Back) that would need extra attention let the massage person know. Get plenty of rest. Try to tune out garbage and tune in Mother Nature. Go for a walk and purposely listen for things, the leaves blowing, someone's sprinklers, the smell of the water, flowers that have bloomed. Drink tons of water as you probably need to be re-hydrated. Let me know your experiances after doing all of this. I have more..................

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