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Light Body Experiences

by Jennie

I have just found this amazing site and enjoying reading all info.
I have had a range of experiences as I go through this transition

I have been experiencing very painful shoulders and neck, and was lucky enough to see a psychic surgeon who was able to relieve some of the pain in my shoulders.
There has been frequent bouts of headaches, upset tums, shooting pains in arms legs, light headedness, loss of balance, flashing lights like someone is taking my picture to name but a few.

I have listened to my body and eat much more fruit and veg very little meat as I just do not feel I need it and drink plenty of water at the moment, its the hot flushes I am finding a pain have been told I am being rewired, and I have also had a pain in chest which is not there all the time, I exercise more which is a little hard as joints all hurt but feel better when I know I have made the effort.

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Apr 14, 2010
flashing lights
by: Christine

If you are seeing flashing lights like you're seeing the flash from a camera, I had the same thing 2 years ago.I had my eyes checked at the hospital's eye clinic and they said it could've been a possible retina detachment, but whatever it was, it had already started to repair itself.A lot of older people have this problem and it is best to get it checked out by an eye specialist to be on the safe side.

Apr 14, 2010
don't feel alone!
by: Sydney

Let your ascending light body do its thing,
transforming you, trust your soul. It knows what to do! And you and me are not the only ones!
The Earth's Light Body is going through it too!
Love Mother Earth, honor her and you will roll through this process with Her.


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