Light Body Question - Pain

by Pete

I have a friend who is also experiencing pain through the whole body which cannot be diagnosed. If it is possible for you to say what the physical condition might be, and how to approach it, I would very much appreciate it.

Reply: Hi Pete, thank you for sharing. I do not know what your friend's physical or energetic condition may be, and right now so many people (myself included) are experiencing many unusual symptoms.

In my own experience, praying for inner guidance about how to address symptoms and also doing what is needed on a practical level to manage the pain seems to be the best approach.

If your friend is open to a spiritual perspective on what is happening with the pain, I recommend that he contact Julie Redstone at Messages by Request. She is profoundly intuitive and has an incredible depth of perception about the spiritual roots of life challenges. Blessings to you and your friend.

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