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Light body symptoms

by Sandy

What a relief to read about dental sypmtoms as I have been having problems with my gums now on and off for six months or so. I'm also having pain in my right ear which comes and goes. Have had my teeth and gums checked but couldn't find anything so this info is such a relief. Have experienced pain in my right hip which was bad enough to warrant a visit to the hospital, again nothing came up on the xrays. Now the pain has moved from the right to the left hip. At least I know the pain will go eventually and my hips are in good working order. Am finding sleep is sporadic and I get very hot at night. During the day I've noticed I have been feeling colder than I normally do and have had to put my heating up higher to keep warm. Noticed also that I feel better if I eat very light meals or drink green juices and smoothies. This last week have become aware of a feeling of lightness and peace within, a sense of a deeper connection and a beautiful feeling of love. I find I'm far more sensitive to other peoples' energy and do find this difficult to be around sometimes. I spend a lot of time on my own for this reason as I stay more balanced and feel happier this way. Many, many heartfelt thanks and gratitude for this info and for this site.

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Dec 18, 2009
re: Light body symptoms
by: Aeve

Hi Sandi,
yes the feeling of lightness and peace is beautiful. Those moments are magical and I find in between them is when issues are bubbling to the surface to be dealt with in the light. The transparency of self and others is greater too and it is much harder to say or do something, if it's not really meant. I think this is why it's getting harder to be around others for long, when they hold onto the old way of trying to cover up what they really feel. We feel if something is not real and it produces discord.
This is freedom for all of us, but will take some getting used to and acceptance of the new way. Allowing ourselves to feel what we feel and making choices based on that.
Allergy, pain and tiredness seem to be the way of this process as we work through it. I have found the best relief is to connect to the god-source energy and that time in meditative healing helps to re-energise, clear my mind, and deal with issues that come up. Namaste

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