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Light worker's story

Hi !
I have just realized the fact i'm a lightworker, it was a word i didn't know some months ago, and it is only today I can say I am one of them. I was so different, so close to the inside... Thank you for this explanation and this site which help me to know my purpose in this world. I think I have to work in society (business, politic, social) to bring something. I'm not really aware of everything although I can see "the bigger picture" which involve my twin flame and I in few years, being a kind of couple-example to show and to bring love in society system. My twin flame and I are not yet physically together, but we've just finished to work inside of us to clear up our emotional "problems" and now, we're going to separate ways in order to become "normal people", to be melt between others, so as to carry our light of love among them, being seen and listened that way. It was a little bit complicated to manage to be at this point, because I had to help my twin flame to be aware of us, or at least, to know I love him and that we have a special relation, as he is not so aware as I am, but i'm really trustful now. We're willing to begin something new, something which has really to do with our mission. I'm so blessed to be a lightworker, to help God in a special manner, not to be just "different" without knowing why, thinking i'm going to be crazy... Thank you for your own light through this site... (don't notice the mistakes, i'm a french who is going to study english!)

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Feb 27, 2012
by: Anonymous

Your English is just fine..I know, I'm English

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