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lightbodies and physical ageing

by Carolin

This might be a naive question but:

Why do people claiming to have attained an eternal lightbody (or to have attained complete awareness of their eternal lightbody, to be precise) still display signs of physical ageing?

I read people's accounts of/recommendations for the lightbody process and it sounds like they're ageless both spiritually and in their physical form but then in pictures and videos they totally look their age: grey hair, wrinkles, saggy skin, some even overweight.

I haven't seen anyone who appears to be eternal physically. Do you know any examples of individuals who are actually rejuvenating physically/reversing the ageing process, or is that something we cannot expect to happen? Are we going to be facing eternal life on Earth stuck in old bodies? Not sure if I'm up for that! ;-)

Once again, please excuse the rather mundane nature of this question. It's just a phenomenon that has puzzled me and led me to assume that these "masters" might not be genuine.

Many thanks!

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