by Anahata

Right before my lightbody was activated, I felt so alone - so different in the world around me. My sensitivity is through the rough and having to go to the mall was a horrible experience. My lightbody was activated yesterday morning, and today, being around others while I wait for work at a busy Starbucks is proving to be very positive.
I can tell that my reality is different, I'm not exactly sure how yet. I have already seen a case of instant manifestation happen, last night, and it happened differently than my previous experiences with manifesting. Much quicker, basically all I did was think about what I needed and it happened less than thirty minutes later.
I'm still getting used to this, like I said I know that my reality IS different, but I feel I have many things to learn regarding how to "use" this.
I'm glad there is a website like this out here. Thank you :-)

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