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Loads of Heat and Energy/Diet shifts :o)

by travelling1
(Florida, USA)

I have spent most of '09 clearing but it wasn't until the last few weeks of December that I really experienced the feeling of intense heat, often rather painfully. Felt like my head was burning energy from the inside out, like I was running a fever from within. No temperature, no nothing, just intense internal cranial heat that sometimes felt so intense I was heating up the room with my body/head alone! This was also combined with occasional heat/energy pouring from my hands which oftentimes seemed to make my computer monitor go rather haywire, lol. Sometimes I alternated from feeling extremely hot to extremely cold. Very sensitive to the energies around me, both people-wise, sound-wise and "electronically" (film, media, and the like).

Recently did an unintentional fast that broke a lot of what I now see were emotional and grounding connections to foods. I've needed a lot of protein in the past for energy reasons but now I don't really crave any; instead I feel mainly liquid-based and solid food now feels too "dense" for me. Very strange for a former regular meal eater! My mind is resisting a bit as it feels I "need" some food to survive and it can't quite grasp just liquids, even really only water at times. Very profound and very different from others experience in my vicinity.

Just thought I'd share; perhaps it will resonate someone. :o)



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Jan 08, 2010
Totally Agree
by: Timmy Tzeiranakis

I had the same thing going on for me last year. I used to eat a lot of nuts and seeds and more food. Now I'm not really ever hungry. I'm not sure if its the light body or the amount of SUPERFOODS that I have in my diet???

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