Losing the Logical for the Spiritual

by Georgette
(Atlanta, Ga)

My experiences began a few years ago; however, I'm now surrendering fully to it. I'm a very logical person, so although spiritual as well, I would analyze each symptom, event, dream-state thoroughly. As I began to transform in consciousness, I had to just let go and allow "it" to happen. These are some of my symptoms:

ranging frequencies; bees buzzing; pulsating snake-like movement in both hands while they tingled; head stuffiness; unconscious telepathic communication with "higher-intelligence"; randomly shaking as if I'm cold; seeing a spark of light in my upper-left-corner of view and then tingling all over my body, dry throat, teary-eyed, surge of energy flowing through my body as if I'm channeling--this too, is not deliberate--it happens when I'm focused in a conversation that is helping others; full body pulsations and vibrations while sleeping--this wakes me up; dreams/astral travels involving ETs with highly-evolved beings landing on Earth or we're on another planet; clarity; alignment; high compassion; unconditionally loving.

I've accepted all and now I am researching moreso to better understand how I can fully engage, manage, and help others.

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