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by Lynanda
(Lake City Florida)

Greetings...I began My Awakening Process in 1999. I manifested with Final Stage Liver Disease...Neurapathy and Chronic Pancretitis. I also had My Nervous System go Bing...My Rubberband Snapped and I had A Full Blown Sybil Episode in 2007.

I have been Healing and Doing Really well. Have been Teaching Ascension and Facilitating Others. I have been working with others who have Developed MPD through Abuse.

Last Week after The Full Moon. I had A Return of Flashbacks. I had One in which I lost Consciousness. Two Blocks in My Memory were Released. I have had A Few Memories to Deal with since then.

So I can see now after reading this...How The Energy Affects Our Neurvous Systems expecally since that is where the exchange takes place. I feel Our Understanding of What is Happening is The Key. Then we can Step in these Experiences with Gladness for The Healing rather than in Fear of The Experience or of A Relapse.

Thank You for You Sharing of Information.

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Dec 18, 2009
re: Lynanda
by: Anonymous

Wow, it's been a very bumpy road. I love that you have embraced it by helping others to learn.

Please tell us more about how you teach and facilitate ascension.

Such a beautiful story, thanks so much


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