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MaryEllen's Light Body Experiences

by MaryEllen

This past February I was hit with massive belching attacks. I can belch for 8 hours straight. My insides feel swollen almost all the time. I have had an endoscopy, Ultrsound, CAT Scan and Gastric emptying scan. All results were normal. My GI doctors said she can find no physical reason for my severe symptoms. So she is labeling it IBS and sending me to another specialist in Boston. Earlier this week I saw a friend who is a medium and she channeled a being who called himself Aregon. He told me I was having a Lightbody change. Have you ever heard of someone having such severe symptoms as myself for a lightbody change? It is really affecting the quality of my life. I can't go places or do many of the things I used to because I feel so sick and swollen all the time. Why me? Why is this going on for 7 months now? I am desperate for this to go away. What is this suppose to do for me? What is this getting me ready for? What is going to happen? Any information/suggestions would be greatly appreciated. I really need this to stop. Thanks, M.E.

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Sep 17, 2009
Light body changes
by: Mashubi

Hi MaryEllen,

I am experiencing a number of very intense physical symptoms, most of which appear to not be medically related, and some which may be, but it isn't really clear.

Yes, from my very limited experience with this, belching seems to be related to energetic shifts happening in the body. For myself, it is related to when my body is absorbing energies. The belching seems to relieve the energetic stress until the energies pass.

Many years ago before these times we are in now, I worked with a healer who belched through the whole session! She said it was related to energies I had taken on from the group training I was participating in.

There are energetic centers of the body which are related to digestion and assimilation, and I've been aware of many people experiencing changes in these areas of the body.

You may find it helpful to ask for inner guidance about this, and specifically asking whether dietary changes may help your body to process what is happening. Another thing that comes to me is that digestive enzymes or high enzyme foods like raw foods may help bring greater life force into your digestive area. This may help to clear out any energies that may feel stuck or sluggish there.

I am finding that my body is more easily inflamed in the past few months, and there are several things that have helped me to reduce the intensity levels.

1. Taking proteolytic enzymes on an empty stomach helps to cleanse the body of inflammation. I notice when I take these regularly that I have less overall pain.

2. Eating an anti-inflammatory diet has made a big difference for me in reducing aches and pains and swelling. Different naturopathic doctors have varying ideas of what this kind of diet looks like. For my body I have found that eliminating wheat and eggs has been the most helpful change.

I pray that you are guided to those things which may help relieve your discomfort and to help your body move more easily into the new energies of light. Blessings to you.

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