May I Send You My Book for Review?

by Rob Schwartz

Hello Mashubi, I am the author of of a new book called (name and link removed). My intent is to help people see deep meaning in suffering that may appear to be purposeless. May I send a copy of my book to you for possible mention or review on your web sites? Also, I have a short article I wrote about pre-birth planning. May I submit that as well? Blessings, Rob

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Blessings for your work
by: Mashubi

Hello dearest Rob,

May God bless your new book, and your work in helping other souls to feel and experience their soul's purpose.

At this time we are not offering book reviews or accepting articles for this site, however I am working on a way that people here can meet and share the work they are doing in the world. I will let you know when this is ready, and I thank you for writing and for sharing!

by: S W, Dana Point, Calif. USA

Are you R. Schwartz who wrote "Courageous Souls"? I LOVE that book! I keep it on my bedside table. Have you written another book? I hope so. Thank you. June 11, 2011

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