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Meditation, be it using frequency, music, nothing, etc. To begin Light Body Transformation

by Alex G

I have been becoming more and more spiritual in recent days and began to meditate, now i am daily. I have found info on binaural beats (frequencies) supposedly related to the chakras which may help active the light body transformation. I also have listened to mantras while meditating. I just want to know what others opinions are on effectiveness of these methods and if I should possibly use one over the other. All comments are appreciate. Thank You all, and my best to you in your transformation/new lives. Also what might be the most important thing to thinks about or focus on while meditating?

Comments for Meditation, be it using frequency, music, nothing, etc. To begin Light Body Transformation

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Mar 03, 2012
by: Alex

Thanks for the advice Elle much appreciated. and totally understandable that you clear the mind to listen which is precisely what Im trying to do really. Also I dont have to sit in lotus woooo :P it does get uncomfortable lol. So I will definitely try the thinking of nothing approach for sure, thanks again if you have anything else to say or ever learn anything please do inform me :)

Mar 03, 2012
by: Elle

That's great that you're meditating!

I once overheard someone explain the difference between Prayer and Meditation, and their explanation stuck with me. "Prayer is like speaking to God/Higher Self and Meditation is like listening to God /Higher Self".

Everyone is different, and what works for some may not work for others. As far as what you should be thinking of while you're meditating, it's to my understanding that you should not be thinking of anything. Clearing the mind completely, so the information can come in.

Another thing that I heard when I was young is "When you have thoughts in your mind, they're like a "busy signal" to Spirit and they will be prompted to try the call again later"...LOL

In the beginning, I tried too hard to focus on meditating and nothing happened. Also tried binaural beats, mantras, meditating on symbols etc... It's when I surrendered to "nothing" and totally and completely relaxed alone in my room while laying down, that visions, pictures, sounds came in. My advice would be to try whatever you're drawn to, and see what works for you. But you don't HAVE to be sitting upright in Lotus position to achieve results.

Love <3

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