Migraines seizure kundalini

by Monica
(Santa Barbara ca USA )

I have suffered from migraines for two decades. I began practicing yoga to help since I am not fond of medications. Then, I had a seizure. One completely out of the blue right in the middle of a meeting with more than fifty people when I was the one talking. Emergency doctors did a brain scan and they were surprised to find nothing, absolutely nothing. I went to a neurologist and he called my seizure "atypical". He could not find a reason. One day during my meditation, which have done on and off for years, I felt something coming from down below me and gently going up and came out my head. It is embarrassing but I thought I had gas. After that I began experiencing horrible dream some awake and had hallucinations as well as an unbearable fear. I thought I was going a crazy. Eventually I found myself back and the hallucinations, the intense fear, and the awake nightmares stopped. Migraines remained. My husband is always surprised in how much heat my body exerts. Particularly the top of my head. Both symptoms intensify when I have a migraine. D you have any advice. I have looked everywhere without guidance. Thanks so much!

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