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Miracles abound!!

by Lori
(Tempe, AZ. USA)

I've been feeling more and more free as each day I continue on with my conscious manifestations more and more miracles abound!! I have experienced many changes within myself to include....extremely sensitive hearing....a profound inability to tolerate anything of a lower vibration....sexual inhibitions....extreme fatigue and even depression at times....than extreme highs as well at times....intense desire to heal myself.....intense desire for passion....desire to play and only play in life....complete disconnection from the 3d world....totally disinterested in anything that is of the old ways....intolerance of dis-respect from another....intense feelings of love for all...weight gain around the tummy area....craving the sunshine and the elements.....nightmares of my worst fears, even ones I was unconscious of....profoundly deep connection within and to Mother Earth....deep appreciation for all Lightworkers...feeling the need to disconnect from all but source and beginning to experience the manifestation of my heaven on earth!!

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Jan 22, 2010
Miracles abound
by: Si

Just wanted to remark on something.......

For over ten years I have been unable to run. I can walk, cycle, swim, row, and lift weights, but I can't run.

Running caused severe back pain after just a few strides.

All tests revealed nothing. All manipulation [chiropractic, massage, physiotherapy] techniques left it unresolved.

Starting a week ago, I decided to start running again, very slowly, on the treadmill. No idea why!

In order to reduce vertical impact, I set the treadmill to maximum elevation [15%].

I ran slowly for ten minutes.

Guess what?

NO PAIN!!!!!!!

So..... for the last five days I have gradually been increasing the speed and distance, and reducing the elevation.


Spontaneous healing.

They said this would start to happen.

Jan 21, 2010
by: Karen

Thank you for speaking for me, I am not alone, Welcome! LOL Karen

Jan 21, 2010
by: Sydney

I can honestly say I am experiencing every symptom you mentioned. And I value my connection to Source above all as well. Thank you for posting for I really resonated with it.

Jan 21, 2010
by: Sally

Way to go!

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