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by mary

More and more, I get the feeling I wasn't supposed to come to earth. I have this overwhelming feeling that I was supposed to remain a muse or a spirit only to inspire and to bring out the good in humans.

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by: Si

Hi Mary..... hmmmmm, there are no mistakes!!

If you were not meant to be here in physical form, then you wouldn't be!

You are here, and that's that!

Blessings - Si

Mission in Life
by: Anonymous

I believe that is your mission in life. For some many other people to see you, you had to take physical form.

Spiritual Guide
by: Marsh.

Hey Muse.

I think the feeling you're getting is maybe your inner self telling you that, as much as you are here in human are a spirit or a higher consciousness and are here to do exactly that. Inspire or just, be a *Guide.
But remember, even if you are a higher consciousness, don't let ego find its way to you.

A Question
by: Serge

Ask yourself did I chose to come in this body, and look in your heart for the truth? And live whatever answer that is within you. This is your truth no one elses. And whatever purpose you believe you have, do not deny it, live it, act on it, trust it, and you will be living in the moment of your choosing, and truly loving yourself and world through your path.

by: Alex

Maybe you were meant to come to earth in a physical form as it would be a more efficient and better way for you to inspire the good in people? Simple but very possible idea. I hope that you find your answer and act on it appropriately. My best to you

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