Hello Mashubi and hello to everyone reading this message. Everything that happens to me happens in the early morning hours. I am now and have been four several years going through a mutation process, it is hard to describe but it starts out with a deep vibration within my body which wakes me up with pain I have never felt before this process started. When this happens I know I need to let the process continue because when I move my body the process stops. Also my body is releasing fear from past lives, and let me tell you something this is no fun, one of them was so horrible I cannot even begin to describe it. So, I probably could go on and on about all the stuff that has been going on in my life, and maybe I will at another time. The process for me is not an easy one and I am sure this is the case for a lot of beings, we just have to keep our thoughts on the end results....I love you all and God bless.


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