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My Awakening and My Sychronicity

by Deron J
(Boston, Mass.)

When I had my first Awakening in 2011, I felt as if I was connected to everyone and everything. I felt a surge of energetic light through out my entire body, mind and spirit! So much much much love, not just for myself but for everyone I encountered. I was able to help others, and in doing so, I was able to actually feel their appreciation; which made me feel the happiness that I had prayed for my whole life!! Eventually, my bipolar and anxiety symptoms reemerged and I had no choice but to go back on my meds, which made feel as if I had some form of a disconnect with my personal connection to my Higher Self. I fell into a deep depression and lost all hope for that connection to reemerge. Then one day I heard an angelic voice speak to me telepathically, reassuring me that my disconnection was just an illusion and that I was an angelic starseed and I had volunteered to come to earth in human form to help with spreading love and light on Gaia. I now understand that my challenges here will benefit me in the long run. With the understanding that I was never disconnected from All That Is...I started to experience sychronicity. I have been experiencing this feeling with everyone and everything sooo strongly that at times I have to pinch myself to assure myself that I'm not dreaming..ha.ha. I'm positive that my physical spiritual energy and momentum will return so that I will be able to continue my mission a lot more actively. This is my WISH!

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