my energy experiences

by Marion
(The Netherlands)

it all started in nov 2005
kundalini non stop 24/7
telepatic connection and contact soul family 11 months
dreams that are not dreams but training and or bizar films with a message
experiencing I am atoms and molecules and the energy of the unconditional love of God is floating around it
higher heart (azur a) becomes warm all the time in response to thought processes
seeing violet light eyes closed or eyes open
third eye energy increasing
crown chakra energy increasing
2007 till now
seeing crystals when I wake up
hearing beautiful music when i wake up
much third eye activity, crown chakra activity
2014 till now
dizzy when solar flares occur
much energy around the head. left temple very active energy
much energy on eyebrows, cheeks
higher heart energy is increased
crown chakra energy is increased
I feel as if I am a batter

age 67

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