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My Light Body Experience and Questions

by Lynne

Hi I have just discovered this website and I am glad to be able to ask a few questions that I have been thinking about.

The other day I could feel energy around my head it got quite intense, it seemed to only enter the left side of my brain, my left eye was going crazy, the energy was very intense and felt a little scared through some of it it lasted for about 10 to 15 mins. Afterwards my head felt quite strange and the left side of my face became slightly numb at times. This sensation lasted a couple of days. I didn't even realise it was all connected to the light body energy until someone said that they thought this is what was happening.

Are we all rising into our light bodies. Even our partners and families that dont believe in this are they also moving into their light body. Does anyone know for sure what is to happen in the future. I hope you can help with some of the questions as I do not have anyone close that can really help me


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Jul 30, 2009
vision quest
by: angelaware

This light body experience and coming to know who i am just started for me 18 months ago. I was such a mess, then my soul family appeared and i had no idea what awaited me. I journed with several people by van to Sedona last sept. for a 4 day retreat on healing the emotional body, ceremony and sacred circle time but i digress...on the way into Sedona you travel a narrow winding road into a narrow canyon...all of a sudden my eyesight became blurred, i thought a headache was coming on..oh no...within 2or3 minutes, my vison was 3-D.. my depth perception had changed everything was much much clearer, this lasted for 2-3hours. These incidents are happening all the time WE just have to learn to reconize the angels that stand in my periferal vision now. Bless you angelaware

Jun 10, 2009
Light body experience
by: Lynne

Thankyou for your comments. I will defiantly look into finding the book.

It is comforting to know there is something I can do to help. I just didnt realise that the light energy could be so strong.

I have a feeling that I am been given a bit of a push hence possibly why the light energy was so strong.

After reading through some of the symptoms people feel I realized a lot of my friends are experiencing these also.

Again thankyou for your comments

Jun 09, 2009
by: daniel

Don't be scared, it can come on very strong but the effects can be lightened up if you, on a daily basis, ground yourself. You don't need to get to fancy about it. If you can, find the book"Pleiadian Workbook" Awakening your divine Ka by Amorah Quan Yin. There is many exercises in this book that do help with this transition. There is a wonderful ans simple grounding technique she uses and it has helped me alot when I was getting dizzy, ect. I hope this helps. You can get this book at any Barnes and Noble bookstore or online. Good luck and enjoy the ride, it is a wonderful and exciting gift!

Jun 08, 2009
Light body experiences
by: Mashubi

Dearest Lynne,

Yes, light body experiences can feel quite unusual and yes, sometimes even frightening. Sometimes the only way to know if what we are experiencing is related to our light body is either through our inner guidance, or by checking the symptoms with a health practitioner. Some light body symptoms last just a little while, and some can go on for months.

Yes, the expanding spiritual light on the Earth is affecting everyone, whether they are conscious of this or not. Some people have no idea, but they may perceive subtle changes in their bodies and emotions.

There are some souls who feel a sense of spiritual purpose or guidance to help the Earth or to help other people, and who have a desire in their hearts to purify themselves in order to be of greater service to God. These souls may experience more accelerated light body transformation, because they are praying to serve and consciously asking for and intending to purify themselves.

There are also souls who are dealing with physical or emotional illness who are coming to understand spiritual healing, which is the process of reconnected to one's soul and higher self, and healing deeper soul levels which brings healing to the body, mind and emotions. For these souls as well, they may experience more light body symptoms because of their conscious intention to connect with their spiritual self and to bring that awareness into their daily life.

Thank you for sharing dearest Lynne.

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