My Light Body Experiences

by Musti
(West Palm Beach, FL)

There have been so many,eating and sleeping a lot. Headaches, neck pain, pressure in and around the head. Hip and lower body pain, bladder and frequent urination, yeast,constipation,short term memory loss. Symptoms from years past have returned in a weird sense. I am also having some glimpses of what I believe are past lives. Also, had a dream of a mentor who is a spiritual warrior. A lot of strange things. But the best part is I feel more at peace, even in chaotic situations, and I feel more acceptance with people, and situations and am able to speak my truth from my heart better. I am able to look upon everything with love in my heart now. I saw a rainbow cloud the other day that was changing color just like a rainbow and could not take my eyes off the sky. It was awesome.

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