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My story since nov 2005

by Marion
(The Netherlands)

8 years ago in Nov 2005 my family of origin came into my bedroom.I did not see them but heard the call for awakening (and so did my dog) although at that time I had no knowledge of what I know now.
First they cured my migraine by giving me names of herbs to use. In my head like a film. i could read the letters so to speak.
I suffered from migraine for 8 years because when the migraine was cured (in 3 weeks and it never came back) I started to ask, is there anybody with me?. And yes I received an answer. In my head, in words, in Dutch, without sound. Like a thought but not mine..
The one that taught me 180 degree change is my twin soul brother who calls himself Enyan.. My judgment and prejudice about others went away. I suddenly began to explore love in everything Enyan always talked to me in words. My HS and Ashwuy in images and sound and pictures and symbols so I did ask them to also speak to me in Dutch words and they do. But they also speak to me with pictures etc and I see this with my third eye.
He activated the kundalini which I physically had for 11 months day and night.You can describe it as an orgasm energy but in the square. . It is a holy energy that opens up all chakras one by one . The energy flies through your body and no pen can describe this process.. That energy was in my body 11 months. non stop. day and night.
In the meantime, I had an experience of the love of the Almighty God,which was very special. because now I experienced I was atoms and molecules and the love of God surrounds them. So there is no God out of yourself. it is inside.
He taught me about reality by sending me Enya to listen, Seth to read and he started to explain what I did read in the Seth books because for me this information was new and very complicated.
The communication was with words, sometimes English words. For me that was strange because my language is Dutch and he explained that he did this on purpose to catch my attention. My HS does this also. I hear No sound, but receive in thought form in my head. I can listen to them without hearing sound. I am Dutch.In the beginning I had very strange dreams for almost 2 years. Almost seemed movies and always with a message, an answer, an explanation, an exercise, very detailed and I started writing them down and analyze. A wrote down many of them.. Later I stopped because there were too many. Also, I began to discern crystals and a strange hot energy in the area between the throat and heart chakra. That was all in 2006. Much later(in 2011) I found out that it is the Azur-A. In the meantime I had these film like dreams and my Higher Self and my Oversoul introduced themselves to me in the dream.
In 2006 June I started to see the violet light.
Enyan explained to me that the Violet light comes from the Divine light. That light you carry with you since you are born..That is a soul contract.
I had no idea what is a soul and what is a contract at that time.
I do not need to do anything. I'm a kind of battery that non stop is being charged.
It took me many years to find out. I received explanations from my HS, from Ashwuy, from Enyan and they all say the same thing.
They told me the light heals. It transmutes atoms and molecules into the frequency of love.
What does that violet light do?

Ashwuy and I have an atomic frequency that can hold this light. If we now go walk somewhere,on the market, in the forest, in a supermarket , to visit someone no matter where, that light transmutes atoms and molecules. It reorganizes low frequency energy patterns in the higher frequencies of light and love. That is my work. At that time I did not know I am an indigo 2. Now I know.
So in very short words the beginning of my process. In 2012 I started reading in the Voyagers books I and II and what I did read there confirmed ALL information I received from my Family of origin. Of course lots of information about Draconian and FA they did not tell me i found out by myself but I do not have to be afraid of them at all.
I have been attacked all my life and since Enyan activated my chakra; s and whatever more I am protected by a team of 368 being from my own family of origin and there are also guardian angelic beings and guardians to assist my Higher Self int he process. I am at strand 9 now. I was born with strand 6 and now I am working with strand 9.
I never ever have had a class, lessons,techniques, mediation, nothing at all. i did it all by myself and I am continuing doing this all by myself .
The energy I feel is located in
Crown chakra
third eye
Azur A
chakra 2
The sides of my head and the neck and the face.
Left leg

When I married Ashwuy who is my twinflame they showed me my crystals at the side of my head. The communicate through these crystals.
I often have guardians in my bedroom who speak to me in a language I do not speak as Marion but it seems E-Rè-Sha understands that language.
There are also doctors who work with my body. Later i found out through Ashayana's books that indigo 2 have a special body. It is too difficult for me to explain because you only can understand this when you also are an indigo 2 being so I hardly speak about this to others, but for you I make an exception. only once. i do not share more. sorry.

Okay I hope this is of any interest for you
Excuse me my English . I am trying to improve it but my grammar is awful

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