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My thoughts on effects of light

by Ethan
(USA )

Grew up in a catholic Family but went to a Christian school. Later in life became a yoga teacher, then reaching levels of meditation usually only read of in books. Saw my light body lucidly in the non material in the form of the atman "small a not capital Atman". Spiritual heat (Tapas) can be heightened through abstinence, good diet of food and other things brought in via the senses. Control of energy centers via breath, body and mind work keep the energy from seeping and causing problematic symptoms. Still, when the light body vibrates at such levels things like prophetic dreams and super heightened senses alone can be quite a challenge. For example, at the fifth chakra your awareness of your surroundings and body remain the same both night and day as there is no longer the sense or veil of sleep to mask your conscious awareness. Only thing different at night is that you become much more in touch with your energetic body and chakras as your bodily senses are dulled by a nerve that switches of awareness to such when you would normally experience sleep. The words you hear in your head are nothing more then reflections of your mental awareness of the state you are in. Thus, when one reaches the sixth chakra they could right scriptures etc and come to understand how others came to write spiritual text. The sixth chakra is the truth chakra as the minds eye "Thalmus" only observes things as black and white or, without the senses and other colors, for what they really are. the Peneal and pituitary no longer effect the verbage in the head but rather now your new sense of spirit echo's with the words of truth or plain facts, in your head. One of the other symptoms not known well is spiritual rapture. The sense of spirit moving through your body in a possible five different ways, mine was like waves of an ocean passing through my body, starting at my feet and moving upward. Feels much like real electrical charges surging through your body. Related to but Not to be mistaken with Kundalini as it feels different when observed moving in the body, changing in sensation with each chakra region of the body.

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