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My Visit With a Tibetan Lama

by Elle

Pic in Sedona

Pic in Sedona

I wrote a previous post "Feeling Someone Touching Me" back in December 2009. There seem to be alot of others that are experiencing this as well...very nice to see I'm not alone !

My accelerated Spiritual experience began in Dec. 2007 with an extremely vivid vision of Buddhist Deities, immediately followed by an out of body experience. A little over a year later, I started to feel something touching me and reaching into my body, which I still feel everyday now. I'm guessing it's Soul embodiment, but how can I be sure if the only answers I can get are from searching the internet?

I got the nerve to set up an appointment to meet with a Buddhist Lama from Tibet. He was teaching a class nearby, and I wanted to speak to him about my experience, but specifically about feeling someone touching me. He's been studying and teaching for almost 40 years. I feel a strong connection to Buddhism because of the initial vision I had.

So the day finally comes, I'm so nervous to see him, I started to cry immediately because this was so long many years with no answers...FINALLY I was going to speak to someone that might be able to explain my Buddhist vision, out of body experience, and feeling someone touching me daily.

He doesn't speak English which nobody told me before the the interpreter had to repeat everything which did not seem to match up with the length of what was initially said...hmmmmm...two sentences as opposed to the 12 sentences that were just said in another language...

So what did he have to say? What was this life changing answer or explanation that I've been waiting YEARS to hear????.......

His advice (according to the interpreter) was..."Just ignore it...we don't even have a body, so if you imagine that you don't have a body, there is nothing for it to touch"..."if you focus on it, you will manifest it more".

HUH ??? Not what I was expecting...but I have to say he gave me some good advice regarding all of the symbols I see floating in the air...I printed out some pictures for him to look at and he said the symbols represented previous religions that I studied in many past lifetimes. That the symbols were imprints in my consciousness and to just let them flow, don't focus on them, don't try to hold any meaning for them.

So that was my long awaited funny...hehehe...It all comes back to LET IT GO, LET IT FLOW...Those are words I will live by...

Love <3

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