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by stephen

Had 10-15 strong and odd spiritual experoences few months ago and its not yet determined whether what im going through is spiritual or medical or a bit of both . Wondering how its even possible to have lost conscious thought and to feel disconnected as one with everything ive sent out over 1500emails worldwide seeking answers:: slowly started 3.5yrs ago when i was put on clonazepam started with dizzy spells,stopped takng it last yr nothing improved kept going back to drs n hospital nothing was resolved was then put on zyprexa as it was assumed to be all in my head as i assumed nothing improved these symptoms that i never had before started Oct 10th this started with eyesight going surreal then started feeling disconnected from myself and surroundings around me not just emotionally but as a whole,tingling on top centre of head continously and sense of perception n reality continously getting worse, feels as though i have no connection as a whole,when I touch and feel things it doesn't seem to register as a sense with brain,have ringing/buzzing inside ears from time to time,strangest part I've lost circulating thought of my conscious mind which i alwats had an overactive one a loss of feelings,emotions its been a mystery to the drs ive been to so far If you could maybe help or know someone who could that would be great,ive tried so many things so far and spent substantial amounts of money trying to find out the root of the cause

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