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New Energies Require Higher Frequency Help

by Dr. Schavi M. Ali
(Farmington Hills, Michigan)

Namaste ("The Soul in me honors the Soul in you") to everyone who is moving through the experiences of transformation as the planet Earth shifts and elevates in vibrational frequency. For the past several years (approximately since 2004), we have been receiving an intensification of electromagnetic energy from the Sun in terms of what are called "solar flares" and "coronal mass ejections". In brief, these are intense solar explosions of photons, electrons, and gaseous winds of radiation which can be daunting in their effects upon creation in general and upon humanity as well. When there are strong solar flares, I often feel very fatigued, but sometimes, I am energized by them. My students report a plethora of symptoms such as headaches, dizziness, nausea, muscle and join aches and pains, exhaustion, heart palpitations, depression, and several other uncomfortable conditions. Traditional medication seems to make the symptoms worse in some cases. What we MUST UNDERSTAND is that we are living in very transformative times, and as we become more attuned to spiritual principles, we are being cleared and cleansed of old programming in our cellular records so that we can hold more DIVINE LIGHT. The solar occurrences assist us in this clearing and cleansing process. Some spiritual scientists say that we are changing from being solely carbon-based to being crystalline and that our single-strand double helix DNA is changing such that we are developing twelve strands of double-helix DNA. I concur with this based upon my prayers and meditations. To receive higher-frequency help for uncomfortable symptoms of this time frame, it is suggested that 1.) we drink lots of pure water with lemon to keep properly hydrated and to keep our blood alkaline, 2.) we listen to soft music and meditation tapes to relax, 3.) we eat lighter meals to give a rest to the digestive system, 4.) we perform deep breathing exercises to calm the nervous system, 5.) we try to obtain extra rest when possible, 6.) we read spiritual literature, 7.) we join with others in small discussion and meditation groups who are also experiencing "Light Body Symptoms" (support is powerful), 8.) we learn about natural herbs, homeopathic substances, and essential oils, 9.) we wear healing calming colors like light blue, violet, light green, and pink, 10.) we exercise daily by taking walks, or doing yoga postures, or doing tai chi, or swimming, 11.)we journal about our feelings and experiences, and 12.) we get regular massages (at least weekly). I have found that all of these modalities have helped me to process these steadily incoming energies in a wonderful manner. As Krishna says in the BHAGAVAD GITA ("Celestial Song"): "Ma Suchaha" ("Do not fear"). We are moving through a Divinely-ordained process and becoming vibrationally higher and capable of profound alchemical mental, emotional, physical, and spiritual abilities.

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