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new found abilities

by Derek M

I've always thought I was semi psychic .I would have premonitions .and just to many weird things would happen .that I couldn't chalk up as coincidence .and when I turned 30 .stuff turned full blown I was visited by a angel who told me I was a saint .and the y wanted me to tell there story .I got a camera and they were poppoi g out one by one .fixing there hair before me snapping h the shot .and fighting each other to get in front of the veiw .they want me to tell there story ...I see life in every single thing I see faces in e dry cloud every blade of glass every rock .and if it isnt he e it forms .I stop at a random bathroom off the highway wash my hands .and not only does every sudd turn I to a face the residue left words in the sink .and the soap that dripped on the floor for on the 300 th dribble in hat day turned into multiple faces its weird and for any but its really happening .I need an explanation.

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