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New Light Body Suggestions - Tell us what you need!

by Mashubi

This is the place to let me know what kinds of supports, information and guidance we can offer here to help you find creative solutions to the challenges you face with your body and in your spiritual transformation process. Your feedback is important to me, thank you for contributing!

Comments for New Light Body Suggestions - Tell us what you need!

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Apr 01, 2013
Lost and confused, and family taking advantage of me
by: Renee Lowell

I resently ended a relationship of 3 years only to find out I was being used and not loved. I moved in with my daughter whoes land lord does not allow animals. I have 2 pugs which are currently staying with my son - 35 mins from where I'm staying. I asked my son to help me to get out of the relationship I was in and he told me it would cost me 500.00 a week to stay there. At the time I was so desperate that I agreed. Now realizing it is impossible for me to find a place to live on the Social Security Disability that I'm recieving. I stayed with him for 1 week and he insited that I pay the rest of the money that I have not given him, which is 240.00. My daughter is charging me 300.00 to stay with her. I found a place to live in my budget range and no one will hep me - they still want there money. Resently I no longer have a cell phone and the motor on my car died. I no longer have conversation and no vehicale and everyone still wants there money. I'm so upset - I just don't know what to do - I feel my world has just crashed on me. I thought I finally made it and I can have my dogs back again. On top of every thing - moving from WV back to NC I got a ticket for reckless driving - the officer said I was going in and out of lanes. Now I have to appear in cout which is about 2 hours from where I am staying now (with my daughter). I have no one else to turn. I spoke with my pastor and all he did was liston to me and we prayed. I feel like I'm at the end of my life and no where to go or turn to. Please tell me something because I just can't figure out what to do, also all I get a mont from SS is 1,123.00 a month to live on. I can't get food stamps because they say I make to much.

Jun 13, 2010
by: Anonymous

Many of the people who have commented are clearly undergoing a powerful spiritual tranformation. Me too. I have learned to trust God (however you choose to call him) and let him lead the way. This requires more than just lip service. It requires complete and total surrender. Once you let yourself go and let God do the driving with complete trust and faith, all of your problems seem unimportant. I have what some would perceive to be major financial prolems, but my life has never been better, because I know these problems are only temporary, and that we are all headed toward the most exhilarating, incredible, fantastic experiences imaginable. We are literally transforming into Gods. God is forever expanding. He expands when we become him. Our purpose in life is the rediscover the joy of being God. Happiness is the progressive realization of our nature as children of God. Children of God become Gods, and that's how God expands himself, experiencing through us an infinite variety of realities. This is so exciting. When we realize our true nature, we will be able to create our own universes, literally. We will live forever. We can do, have, or be whatever we want. We can enjoy any experience we want as many times as we want, with an infinite variety of angles and perceptions. Time and space will be at our command. So, whoever is making comments on this site about difficult changes and questions about where to go and what to do, don't worry. You are headed toward experiences more wonderful than you can currently wrap your head around. The more you learn to let go and trust in God, your higher nature, the Tao, Buddha, whatever you call it, the closer you will get to attaining your birthright of Godhood. Right now, we are in the baby stages, but hold onto your bibs and baby blankets, because we are moving quickly to the next level!

Feb 18, 2010
Will I always feel uncomfortable?
by: Marshie.

I'm always cold, and whenever I come into contact with a person, friend, or even a family relative-I feel uncomfortable (shy). I think part of this is me feeling their energy and adjusting to it, but at the same time I think it's my inner child. I just don't know... this is holding me back from so much, even having a job is hard!
Anyway, will this "state" I am in, ever go away? Will I ever feel comfortable around people?

Jan 15, 2010
Ready to give up
by: Anonymous

I gave up my home to live in another part of the world to fulfill my Spiritual dreams and growth as I believed it would happen with the reassurance of several wise persons. I have been patient, had to work hard in many areas of my life, my faith and beliefs have always been so strong, but how long can hold onto such strengths? I don't have enough to fill my days which has brought on a depressive state, I have always been so active. Now after 5 years of waiting and living in conditions that are foreign to me, living on the bread line or poverty with no sort of social life, only one friend to speak with as the language is also foreign to me I am feeling the need to give up and try to start life again although I know this will be very difficult at my present age.
I get thoughts in my mind, they could be guidance, but I don't trust my mind anymore. I pray to God several time daily and have asked Him to send me one of his Angels to speak with me, to give me support and advise me what to do. Should I return to where I came from, I could be risking the very reason for being here which would be terrible as I have managed to remain here for 5 years already. I do believe that I am here to complete a phase of a past life which I want to do, but how can I hold out in these conditions. I feel at times that my spirit is breaking, I am loosing heart, I just want to run far away.
Please give me some guidance, do I remain here or get out while I still can?
Please help me, I'd be eternally grateful. Much love......B

Apr 21, 2009
More about food and light
by: New Light Body Team

Thank you for sharing. We will be adding more on food and the light body soon. Yes, the incoming frequencies of light are creating some intense changes for many people. Some people are experiencing a new layer of purification of old issues that have been mostly resolved. It is like the body is getting purified at a whole new level, beyond the emotional to the cellular levels.

Light does change our food needs, and sometimes it happens quickly and we're not aware of the change, so our body feels like it is 'starving', until you can find what it needs.

Sometimes during this process our bodies just seem to need to eat a lot, either for grounding, or because of needing more nutrients to process the transformational energies.

Yes, doing Julie's Practice of Alignment meditation can help bring more light into your body and consciousness, and may bring some clarity about what your body is needing. If you go into the meditation with the intention to ask your body what it needs, the answer may appear to you in the meditation or at another time later on as the energies of light process through your body and consciousness.

Apr 12, 2009
by: karen

I usually eat in moderation (eat when I am hungry, stop when full), but lately I just want to eat, eat, eat!! ALL the time!! Does this have anything to do with the new light coming in or am I being purified?? I used to have "food/eating" issues in the past, but with years and years of inner work, I released them. Please help me! I would love suggestions on how to stop overeating. I want to start doing the "alignment" meditation daily. Would this help?

Oct 30, 2008
Thank you, and please continue
by: Mashubi

Thank you everyone for sharing your comments and experiences. To Emily, yes, there are very difficult times, and you may find the Blessings of the Light messages helpful in experiencing the larger picture of what is happening on the Earth, and how we can help what is happening.

To those who are seeking assistance to feel greater light and clarity, and a sense of meaning, it is my intention that this site provide support for each of us to be able to strengthen our connection with Spirit. I am right now considering the practical level how to structure our discussion forums and interactivity, and I expect this will become clear to me soon. In the meantime, please continue sharing, and also if there are other topics you'd like to discuss more specifically, please let me know and I'll create a separate 'forum' for this. With much love, Mashubi

Oct 26, 2008
Medical Mystery
by: Leticia

I lost my hearing in my left ear three years ago. Doctors said it was an unfortunate viral cause and there was nothing they could do. This has been a source of constant worry and aggravation for me while at the same time it's made me realize how precious my hearing is. So hmmm, what's up with sudden medical issues? Lack of information is so frustrating. Any insights on these kinds of issues? Thanks so much.

Oct 26, 2008
Experiencing God
by: Anonymous

Although I have heard that one can feel God's presence and actually be in connection with Him, I'm unable to do so. In fact I've heard someone tell me that she communicates with God all the time, asks Him questions to which He answers. I badly want to experience the same, which will clear my doubts of God's presence and his helping hand. I try to be in contact with God almost daily, praying to Him and asking him to respond to me, but I somehow don't feel connected. Please let me know how to do this, without which I cannot have faith. I'm told that it should be a reverse process, i.e have faith in God and He will reveal Himself. This unfortunately doesn't work for me. I need some affirmation in order to start believing and having faith.

Oct 26, 2008
Help to focus on my goals and stop dreading the future
by: Anonymous

I need help in gaining a positive attitude and I need success finally.
I have not succeeded in retaining my husband's love although I know not why.
I have been quite a failure in the job front even though I'm already 41.
I need your support and prayers in being positive in reaching my goals :
1.finding myself a compatible and enriching job 2. for my husband to find his way back to loving me again.

Oct 25, 2008
I agree, this time is hard
by: shining light

I need help with prayer and surrendering all that is so hard for me right now. I struggle with just letting myself be okay and having faith that I will be okay in the future. I constantly feel like there is something wrong in my life that I need to fix. I don't want this anymore and would much rather rest in God's light. I just need support from above in letting myself lie in this place. Thank you for reading this and I hope it helps someone else feel relief that they are not the only one struggling, as all of your entries have helped me. Take care.

Oct 25, 2008
End to suffering
by: Emily T

I need to know when there will be an end to the suffering on this planet. Will it always exist at this level? How can we start to eliminate suffering- help nations find healing?

Oct 25, 2008
i need support for these experiences
by: the truth

mental focus; my head needs clearing constantly from outside clutter and fast negative energies.
i use peppermint or orange oil on my hair during these times.

my body needs suppport of strength, postive energy,ad flexibility. i am constantly fighting within myself to remain disciplined with resting,working,eating,execising,breathing deeply. i am retaining too much water and waste. maintaining healthy skin,hair, and nails is a daily focus. my biggest struggle is maintaining or losing weight. i'm 5'2 weighing 190lbs. i feel my breakthrough is near i need strength too keep fighting.

Sep 21, 2008
A place to talk
by: Tami

i need a place to talk about what i am going through. i am having strange symptoms and my doctor says nothing is wrong. my spiritual journey is very intense right now. thank you and god bless..

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