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New Self, True Self: Alaya Light

by Alaya Light
(Louisville, KY)

Hi, my name is Alaya Light, and I'm very excited to discover and explore this website and its contents. Thank you to those who have contributed and who work to maintain this site.

For the last two years, I've experienced a growing interest in spiritual matters, which has recently been more fervent than ever. A culminating event occurred that led to the birth of a new (or old) self who is capable of authentic living, something I hadn't realized I was not before doing.

In November of last year (2013), I experienced an uncontrollable out-of-body experience, whereupon right before sleep I shot straight out of my body and into the spiritual realm, for lack of a better explanation. Truly, I was ejected from my body. It was very intense. It began with a low vibration that increased in frequency and intensity, and resulted in a powerful ejection from this physical plane, in which I seemed to be electrically launched into another dimension or dimensions.

During my flight through the cosmos, but not the cosmos as we know it - rather, the cosmos in all of its multi-versal bounty - I encountered "the grid", envisioned myself as living many different lives simultaneously, and saw all of existence as projections of light. It was a beautiful, profound experience.

Up to that point, I had been an athiest. The experience culminated in mounting fear and anxiety at the intensity of my journey; and so, I chose to "find God" (literally) for protection. And "find God" I did. Although up until that point, I'd never heard of or seen depictions or explanations of the Higgs-Boson, I ended up being in a non-space where a huge electrical generator was streaming forth thoughts (ephemeral pre-existant non-objects, they seemed like). I spent a long time in this "space", which at the same time seemed like a void perhaps, not a space at all, although I was distinctly aware of the fact that time does not exist there quite like it does on Earth; and so, perhaps I spent a very short time there. Regardless, it felt like eons had passed, and also only like I'd just blinked my eyes. I felt comforted, warm, safe, and exalted. It was the singularly most profound experience of my life to date, bar none.

I almost chose not to return. However, a loud, insistent knocking brought me to a place of fear, and the fear brought me shooting back into my body. I do not know who was knocking, or why. To this day, I do not know. When I awoke, I realized my little black cat was sitting right next to my head, protectively guarding my physical body. After that experience, my relationship with my cat has transcended quite a bit, but that is another story altogether.

After some research, I discovered the Higgs-Boson. I saw that it was sensationalized as the "God Particle", although many scientists do not agree with that term, and it does not accurately describe the particle in real terms. Regardless, I was shocked by the photos of the Higgs-Boson, as they were exactly what I had seen when I "went to God". The two circles, with the vast electrical light projections streaming forth, were the exact depiction of what I had seen during my out-of-body experience. Today, I believe I had been in a "space" (even though this does not accurately describe where I was) with Brahma, or the Creator God. I now also believe in the Christian Trinity, and the Hindu Trinity of the Godhead. I am currently a very religiously spiritual person who practices daily meditation, prayer, yoga and an Ayurvedic lifestyle, and consider myself a progressive, New Age Christian. I attend Unity Church and am grateful to be in the company of like-minded individuals.

Thank you for allowing me to share my experience. I have not told many people, for such experiences tend to elicit strong responses from others, and not always positive ones. I truly appreciate the opportunity to share.

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