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not myself...

ive been having these feelings something bad is going to happen dont know to who or when but they freak me out, at night i feel like im not alone, spacing out, pressure headaches....and it all came out of no where, any thoughts or comments?

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Jul 04, 2010
ellie reply
by: Anonymous

i herd these night beings are figments of your own imaginiation, for example they are what you creat. not that they are false but more the fact of "you get what suits you"
i had beings and i later found out they were because of my own negative behaviour. they are helping you by giving you what you deserve "type of thing"

its hard to explain but i have herd of the saying friendly ghost

i am not definate but this is only what i have been told, various relegions say there are ghosts and spirits but depending on what you read you will find many things and explanations

also for your sleeping nightmare feeling of being pushed down try and look up (sleep paralysis) you will find many explantions on this subject

good luck
and bless

Jul 01, 2010
Answer to Reina's Question
by: Elle (Arizona)

Hi Reina,

This is a long response, but here it goes!
I have only experienced sleep paralysis once. In my experience, I was having a lucid dream that I was laying in my bed and my body started to turn to liquid. The feeling was so strange, that I started to panic and tried to move, but I was frozen. At this point, I tried to scream and after several attempts, I was able to scream and wake myself up. While I was waking up, I felt drugged and disoriented and I saw some red lily flowers floating in the air in my room. It almost seemed like the flowers were an apology for scaring me.

Now, what I have learned about sleep paralysis is this: We venture off to other dimensions while we're asleep...To keep us from actually sleepwalking at night, our body gets this paralysis when our consciousness comes back while we are still lucid. It is to my understanding that it's not actually a "being" that's holding you down, rather its more like "your energy self" that is holding you down so you won't sleepwalk.

I know it can be very frightening, but once you understand what is really going on, you can control it better. It is to my belief that when you are lucid dreaming, you DO NOT have a physical body in that realm even though you may feel like you do. So nothing can physically hurt you, since your physical body is not there. You are just an energy at that point.

Lately I've noticed that when I go to bed angry, I automatically go to the lower realms in my sleep since my vibration is much lower from the anger. EVERY SINGLE TIME this has happened, I have been attacked from behind, something grips my whole body and I can't get it's grip off of me and I can't see what it is. I always call for help from my guardians or AA-Michael and then I end up waking up immediately. But from my experience, the "thing" gripping me, is actually an aspect of myself as a result of my lower vibration at that time. Since thoughts are actual things...It has been said that to overcome your fear and confront this "thing", and to send it Love, will resolve the anger within yourself and cause a huge cleansing, and a very beautiful experience will happen within yourself.

I have not been able to do this yet, but I keep saying affirmations during the day and before I go to sleep that I will confront this "thing" that attacks me, and I will demand for it to show itself to me. It's hard to remember all of this when it's actually happening in the dream, but hopefully the daily affirmations will help me to remember when the time comes.

Hope this helps you. I know it can be scary, but try to remember that you do not have a physical body while lucid, and you have much more power there, than in the physical.

Lots of Love to you :0)


Jun 26, 2010
Question regarding Elle's Post
by: Anonymous

Hi Elle -

Regarding the feeling/knowing there is another being in the room and telling them to get out - - - this happens to me once in a while during the day. I see beings out of the corner of my eye. Some feel threatening and some don't. The experiences that concern me are the once that occur when I am sleeping. I get awakened by a heavy weight pushing down on me. I never open my eyes (I usually can't), I can't talk and/or move so I talk with my mind. Sometimes I pray for the being and sometimes I swear at it and tell it to go away that is has no business here and to go rest in peace. Any suggestions as to how to deal with these types of experiences?

Much Thanks!


Jun 25, 2010
reply for you to reply to
by: Anonymous

ve been having these feelings something bad is going to happen dont know to who or when but they freak me out, at night i feel like im not alone, spacing out, pressure headaches....and it all came out of no where, any thoughts or comments?

you need to specify more

Something bad is going to happen?? when do you mean at night??

who freeks you out??

at night you are not alone?? what feeling do you have please specify??

pressure headaches?? when at night, in the day?? please specify

it all came out of nowhere?? but you have read this website and you must understand some of it, am i not correct so how exactly can it come from nowhere??

please specify more on, what practises you have been following, how old you are, what type of life style do you live

please do not be shy this is an anonymous website

Jun 25, 2010
energy down lodes
by: Anonymous

I call them energy down lodes - Just breath - let go and let it flow - makes is go easier and go quicker....when your in the flow...
At least you not seeing energy sparks all over the place(I do and it can be distracting) Oh and a new one for me white light sparks shooting out of the tips of my fingers when I automatic write/ Journal...
If you get fearful when this happens to you at night - call in Angels and animal guide to comfort you. We are always being worked on - and it's just that you can feel it when your relaxed - thats all. I feel all kinds of things - energies swurling and pulling at me when I go to's just energy....

Jun 25, 2010
Me Too.
by: Sydney

I believe something really catastrophic will happen by end of year. Whole body headaches I'm
experiencing. When I say catastrophic, I mean
it's part of the raising the energies here on the planet, so it's all for the good.

Jun 25, 2010
by: Anonymous

As your higher power for the strength to trust. You are destined for wonderful things and experiences more incredible than you can currently imagine. Anything bad that happens is happening only to facilitate your evolution toward unity with your higher power. If you trust in that with all of your heart, you will fear nothing and will be thankful for anything that appears to be "bad" at the moment. Fear is nothing more than a lack of trust.

Jun 25, 2010
Collective Consciousness
by: Elle (Arizona)

As the energies are changing, some people may become more sensitive to feeling energies around them. I get this feeling too, as I am an empath. Like you said, it's kindof like a feeling that something bad is going to happen or a restless/anxious, not knowing what to do with yourself kindof feeling. For me personally, it's just me experiencing all of the chaos that is going on in the collective consiousness of the world. It is also more potent around the time of solar flares, eclipses, and full moons. I just ground myself by imagining that my feet are plant roots rapidly growing into the ground and going all the way down to the crystal core of the Earth. That always helps me.

As for you feeling that you're not alone, well, you're not...I believe that each person has a team of guardians that are with them at all times. So it is my belief that you are never alone. And the veil is getting alot thinner at this time. I can actually see orbs, symbols, gridlines, and just twice, I saw a being in the room with me. I know it's easier said than done, but there's nothing to be afraid of. If there is something there that makes you feel uncomfortable, tell them outloud to GET OUT! You are more powerful than you may realize. I have not felt scared yet, and I have a very open mind about it. It may just be your guardians. Just send them LOVE.

Much Love to you :0)


Jun 25, 2010
yes i can help
by: John H

Let me help you with this. Follow me here for a second or so. Our brains run on a specific frequency, this IS a scientific fact. BUT!,...everyones frequencies are different, so...follow me here for a minute...the earth also has a frequency it runs on, lets hypothetically say 725 megahertz, i am not quite sure what it is right now. So, if your brain is running on a 725 megahertz frequency just like the earth, then your brain can pick up specific vibrations from earth. It is called tuning in to the planet. I can predict earth quakes from 3 days to 2 weeks out. I get very dizzy and sick. you are picking up specific vibrational frequencies that are kinda of like a premonition. it is hard for you to tune into your sensations because it is new to you. so, quiet yourself menatlly and close your eyes and relax. you may see images in your mind, but do not create the images, let them create for you.
you may then find out some important information.

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