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Opeing to the activations

I have been experiencing Lightbody symptoms for the past three years, on and off in severity. At first I thought I was seriously ill and in some moments even dying. My life force energy at times seem to just drop out of my body leaving me feeling like my body was going to shut down. I have had to change my diet and lifestyle to support my body. Over time I started to experience obvious Kundalini energy awakenings and other clues that led me to understand what was happening. The more moderate symptoms I have are heart palpitation and something that feels like adrenaline surging through by body. Tingling in my feet and hands, dizziness, ringing in my ears, bouts of exhaustion and erratical emotional waves...oscillating between bliss and fear at times. I have used the support of contitutional homeopathy ( working directly with a practitioner) this has been amasing, also accupunture, low carb almost no sugar diet, lots of greens, raw veggies, protein and algae. I take an adrenal tonic and high calcium and magnesium herbal tincture. Using a "Bio-mat"(infer-red amethyst mat)
seems to help a lot. I feed my body with frequencies through meditation, music and tunning forks. I do sound and colour toning to clear my energy channels. I have a strong spiritual support system...this all helps alot. When I take care of my body the symptoms are vary rare. When this first started happening I didn't have much of this in place and it was terrifying. I am now aware of what is happening and trusting that everything my body is going through is here to teach me more an more about what I need to do to step more fully into my path and my authentic journey in this lifetime.

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