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Pain on left side of body

by Michele

Pain only in left side of body. Left heal, left knee, left elbow. Also neck/back pain that had me immoble for 3 weeks. All of this at the same time. I am only 37 but feel 97. On top of this all I do is cry and I feel so very depressed. It's been difficult on my family. Sometimes I truly can't take another minute. I don't leave the house much anymore because of all of this. I have had to stop exercising too so now I keep gaining weight. The emotions I am feeling too are so intense.

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Jul 29, 2015
pain trapped air causing pain left part of body
by: Arjun

Hi all,
I am 29 years old male and its been 2 years since I started having pain and a feeling of gas bubbles trapped in left part of body acoompanied by numbness in left foot rather both feet while sitting crossed legs on floor. Also, acute pain in knees is felt
After trying various medications I've found these useful :-
1- Keeping stomach and digestive system healthy.using antacids and laxatives to avoid acidity / constipation.
2- Massaging body with herbal oils daily before bathing
3- Rather than heavy or cardio exercise, performing certain yog-asanas especially Surya namaskar.

Comments and suggestions welcomed..

Apr 12, 2015
left body pain
by: Anonymous

i am indian my name is gajanan my left side always pain two year ago

Feb 02, 2015
left side pain for 12 years
by: bluebell

Hi everyone

I'm from Europe so my apologies for my poor English.

I am 30. About 12 years ago I started having back pain. I was diagnosed: a mild hernia. I went to a physical therapist and the pain got less. After a while I suddenly got a lot of pain in my left knee...he examined me but could not find a thing. I went to the hospital, did some scans...nothing.

About a year later my left shoulder started to hurt really bad. The pain went from my shoulder trough my neck, my left jaw, eye and trough my left upper arm. Again I went to many doctors, neurologists, rheumatologists, you name it, took scans, blood tests and so on... but no result.

About a half year later my left foot also started to hurt. Now after 12 years and seeing many doctors (lot of research) I still have pain in my left foot, knee, hip, back, shoulder, arm, jaw...

Also very strange, when I lay in bed: when I lay on my left side my right leg and foot start to tingle, too sleep and nothing is strange.

The doctors can't explain this.

I've spend a lot of money on doctors that could not help me.

It's driving me crazy, I can't sleep at night. Warm baths and pain killers do NOT work. I'm not working and also feel frustrated and depressed at times. I hate living in pain every day. The only doctor I haven't visited so far is a podiatrist...

For now, I don't feel like spending the money (I don't have) on another research, but I will go to the podiatrist, you never know right? But if that doctor can't find a thin I will feel completely hopeless.

I feel like my youth is waisted because of this pain...People so young should not be in this pain and not even knowing where it comes from.

I'm glad I found all your comments here, so I know Im not alone and I hope the best for all of you

Jan 28, 2015
I'm experiencing it too
by: Anonymous

I am also experiencing this thus i got to this site. I started feeling this almost 2 years when i started working in field where i work hard day and night (literally) and STRESS in office seems to never end.
I observe that this pain gets worse when i get stressed and when i get exposed to cold weather.
Most of my family and friends said that it is some kind of "air" in my system that needs to get out. and it's true, everytime i;m having a massage i can't stop from burping and farting - you may laugh but it is true - it seems that some air in my systems get out that way. I feel i get a super fresh body after having a massage. But then again the pain comes back for stressed will never get out of my life.
I hope this help.
Avoid stress as much as possible.
Do exercise , even jogging will help.
Invest in coats/jacket that will really make you warm.
And don't forget the massage.
I'm not saying that this is the answer but in my case this helps me a lot so i hope those who are experiencing stress and this pain PLEASE try this, it will not going to hurt you.

Nov 29, 2014
Same drama
by: Philip

Im having the same experience, since when i was 16, now im 28. i feel like my left part of the body is weak, i use to have a problem with my knee when i was 20, i don't know the reason but the doctor says, i have osteoarthritis, until know im having that craking sound in my knee, aside from knee my left lower back is also in pain most of the time, my left shoulder too.

Inshallah, all this pain will go.

Sep 26, 2014
unlimited pain
by: Alex

it started with hands, pain and visible venation like varicose veins..drastic spread to legs ,back and to the whole body ....since I was 17 now 20,it has paralyzed all my activities ....
stiffness on upper neck has intruded
pain has now exalted itself on my left ribcage,heart, hand, leg.
my family and friends say ...'thats damn pretence "you don't want to work and you are becoming lazy ;hurts like heck. this disease is a vocabulary in Africa #Kenya.
I work no more, and am a burden to family, who keep on abusing me.I work but my condition has dictated the loose of my job.really depressed.

Sep 14, 2014
Jen S.
by: Anonymous

This is complicating everything w me. U have the exact symptoms I have. N I cry every day over it. No dr can seem to find what's wrong

Aug 05, 2014
Pain always on my left side
by: Jen S

Hi, Iam 34 yrs old female and have been having many issues with the left side of my body. Currently my left eye waters a lot and my left nostril runs more than left, even when I am sick. Now having pain no left side of my chest of my left breast down into my armpits & side. Then I've been getting headaches on only the left side of my head above my left eye. Currently I was on a trip to sea world and on the second day my legs and feet were cramping severely now almost 2 weeks later it's my left leg and foot still cramping along with constant pain in my left knee. Can there medically or neurologically be something wrong with just the left side of my body?

Jul 27, 2014
left body pain
by: Tori

My everything on the left has been hurting, left arm, left leg, the left part of my head, the left part of my chest, my neck/collar bone, its crazy insane. :(

May 27, 2014
Like someone said you are not alone
by: sonu

Hi there
I think I have a long experience than anybody else.I have been suffering since last 20 years now,the same left side body pain,which makes me paralyse to move forward in my life.its a stabbing pain in neck & shoulder,shooting pain directs to left hand & leg as well,feels numb & weak.The minute pain starts...over the years what i have found that its for me is emotional pain which leads me to physical pain,whenever i get upset,stressed or think something very deeply,the pain rate will increase to 400%.feeling helpless,not be able to do normal household chores & lot life totally distubed. am in my upper 30's & sometimes feels like 60 yrs old.I am very high qualified,but can't start any new job because of this condition....but above all

we are all human,our nature more or less same like others.after i was diagonesed fibromyagia,was taking anti depressant,then i switch to Lyrica,it is helping a lot,but the minute i will come under the loop of stressed or any emotional trauma,no medication is helping at could talk to your doctor.

Recenlty i came accross with a group of people who serves the nation selflessly by teaching the true meaning of life,who we are ? from where we were come from,& tells about positive thinking & the philosophy of KARMA.They said that we all carries something from out past birth through bad karma because of that we are suffering in this life.I am truely a follower of those people now,listen to them,They teach a simple meditation technique,if one will practice that they will be out of any kind of pain.
slowly slowly am trying to follow them,& i have made simple changes in my life style
start positive thinking,not thinking much about my pain,i don't pay attention now a days,sending good energy to my pain?? & tell myself repetedly one day i will be fine,my pain will reduce,i will be able to do what i used to do before like that.its not going to happen overnight.but if one can practice meditation,they will get mental peace & the physical pain will reduce automatic.if anybody wants to learn that kind of meditation,i will write you again.
just be positive & think posive,miracle will happen.
if you think good, good will follow you,if you think evil,then evil will follow please whoever reads this..try to be positive no matter what is the situation,then all problems will be resolved.

Jun 04, 2013
left body pain & more
by: chuck

Hi i the same thing going on with me but it started at my foot and worked its way up to my shoulder. i've been to a lot of doctors for the past 10 yrs and im only 28yrs old. It started as numbiness in my foot then my reflexs are going bad in my knee and now it worked its way up to my shoulder i have a softball size bump on my shoulder which causes a lot of pain, i do know what people go though. I do have other things that are wrong with me like glaucoma, fibromyliga, spinal stenosis in the neck which is rare my doctor said you had to be born with it or be over 60, 4 bluging disc, i have something called d.d.d it has to do with 6 of my disc, headache for the past 6 yrs none stop everyday, liver and kidney are gping bad threw up blood for 2 weeks. i do take a lot of meds but it only takes the edge off. My wife does have to help me shower and get dress and get out of bed. I,m in so much pain i haven,t slep in a real bed in over 2 yrs casues it hurt so bad. I cant sleep i nly get 2 hrs a day and i take my sleeping med that my doctor gave me but nothing happen so im in a lost with this and i,m working on getting ssd. I really do hope you find something out

Mar 08, 2013
Shingles could be the cause
by: Anonymous

Posturepedic Neuralgia accompany's pain from Shingles. Only Felt On One Side of The Body -Triggerd from Stress or Low Immune system.

Apr 28, 2012
by: ayushi

i am just 16 and as said by doctors i am also having maigrain and for last two weeks i am having a hard pain in my left side of my body, my left lef,hand,feet,even head are badly paining. But before this i was having pain in my right brain only now it had shifted on left side but whole part of my body reight now also i am not able to type fastly as before i m not able to share it with my family as they alresdy have much stress please any one can help me for this.

Mar 08, 2012
pains in left side
by: danny

I get these pains to there really bad it feels like my left knee ais going to explode sometimes my left arm gets bad pains and my shoulder and neck and feels like i goin deaf in left ear hve had blood tests done and everything and they came bck perfect these pains are drivin me mad please help i am only 25 gave up smokin dnt take drugs i am on dizapam or anxiety i do da gym 5 days a week help if anyone gets these symptons please

Jan 31, 2012
Turning Pain into Peace
by: Michele NJ

I have heard that there has been intense energies on the earth right now that have been causing everyone to feel like their life and emotions are upside down. It's funny that i find myself here again after so long since my first post, with a pulled neck muscle that is(you guessed it) on the left side. But even besides this, we are all being forced into situations where change is very necessary to be able to move forward in our lives. I have been trying to use the times I feel much emotion or canceled plans because I don't feel good, to be able to journal and write out my feelings. It's helping a lot to look within for the answers. Quiet the mind and pray and wait. I am figuring out a lot of things and making lists of all the things I need to change in order to be closer to my dreams. And to just feel better each day. A lot of the pain we experience that seems unusual can sometimes have to do with anger and resentment and unforgivness towards yourself or another. We hold on to toxic feelings for so long it manifests itself into pain. There is a shift going on that should ease up the next month. Be strong. It will get better as we start to make inner changes. I will end this now with a quote I came across. Don't know where I got it from.
"The time has come to take the necessary steps to set my dreams in motion". Be well, my friends!

Jan 31, 2012
Left body pain
by: E-K

i am facing very similiar symptoms like michelle from NJ ... been taking alot from the family ... its getting too much ... i used to be a positive person ... but recently dunno what the heck happened ... intense emotions ... family problems never end .... mannn its like the whole is on my head ... recently started feeling my right arm, leg / whole body is in a complete pain ... any advises guys ...

Jan 31, 2012
receive oneness blessings you will be fine
by: Anonymous

Dear ,
visit and receive deeksha /oneness blessing.
Convey your message and focus on solution ,of how you want to feel and be .
There is picture Of Shri Bhaghavan and Amma they will solve your every problem.

Dec 10, 2011
left side pain
by: Anonymous

HI, You might try running this 12 Current to balance your body.
You can research these teachings by going to these sites:,
or for starters, listen to Ash Deanne on



Dec 10, 2011
pain in left side of body
by: Anonymous

i am having pain on left side of body. heel hip and shoulder blade. Dont get it but it sure hurts

Oct 09, 2011
pain here too
by: Zuzu

I first came down with this pain last year around this time. It got progressively worse at one point. At 33 years old I walked with a limp and needed help carrying things because of the weakness in my left arm. Studies should I had 3 bulging discs in my lower back protruding to the left side. After PT it got better. However, the pain is returning and it sounds like fibromyalgia. Im frustrated because no one knows for sure...all I can do is take one day at a time.....

Sep 22, 2011
severe pain on left side of body
by: Anonymous

I know what you are going through. I've had severe pain on the left side for 2 yrs. there is a very definite line where the pain stops in the middle of my body. sometimes i feel like my bones are red hot, and it is very worrisome. and its not just bone pain its muscle cramps and spasms.

It started around the time of my hip surgery and previous corticosteroid injection

My theories:

-maybe a disc/back prob
-maybe a deep infection
-maybe MS
-maybe a vascular problem

I'm hoping to be covered by insurance again soon, so I can find out, because the pain is wearing me down physically and emotionally.

Sep 19, 2011
From out to in healing
by: meera

I had a fall 5weeks back...tripped over 1cm of stone slab while jogging. It hurt my left arm and a hard hit on right jaw.There was no bruises on my left arm but it had adjustment problems on wrist and elbow. Saw a General doctor for fear of fractures.Nothing.I could not take out my tishirt for a few days.I decided to slowly to do the tasks i can do, slowly i could do more as days went by. As my arm got back it's flexibility i started adding increasing pressure to it.i also do group meditation twice a week.I still ran and swam gingerly. As my arm power improved my left neck also improved. Saw a chiropractor,one week back, to adjust my neck and she refused when she saw my neck Xray...bone spurs from past falls(now i knew my real problem).then one day when the time was right ,during group meditation, felt like creaking my neck and the pressure was relieved. Of course, i did ask god to help me heal myself prior to meditation. nothing forced .

Sep 19, 2011
relief of left body pain
by: Meera

I suffered the same as you few years ago. you are taking on other people problem and your body don't know how to throw bad energy out...yours and others. I took up and it changed my life around(it's free). Listen to the teaching of saints and especially good if they are still living . Easy to tune in to the energy. Also as the pain reduced i started excercising again to make the body strong. Plus i try to be happy. Emotions count in healing. Also i stopped unnecessary phone calls...sensitive to voice...they carry good and bad energy and rewires system for pain. mix in a group of people instead of just one.Country hillsides are good mediums for good Energy.And most important, believe in God.

May 28, 2011
left side pain
by: Anonymous

This site may have answers for you.


May 28, 2011
My left side is so sore
by: melinda Fans

It starts in the left side of my neck. The pain goes down my back on the left side. under my arms I'm feeling pain. What is strange is I feel Pain all the way down my left leg down to my feet
The left side of my eyes in my head hurts.
I always say if I can just chop off my left side
of my body I would be so happy. A Couple of Dr's think I'm crazy but this is real pain

May 10, 2010
Left Side body pain
by: Lynda from NC

Serveral years ago, I had severe pain beneath my left shoulder blade. I was in agony. The chiropractor I went to worked for over a month to decrease the pain. My first week was 5x/week, slowly moved to 3x/week and then during the last week, 2x/week. After over $1,000 of my own money because of my insurance coverage, the pain was finally under control.

I am a Certified Healing Touch Practitioner and was told that general pain on the left side of my body indicated that I was having issues with a female in my life. Several of my Healing Touch peers kept saying that this was emotional pain vs. physical pain and I could not, for the life of me remember when I had done anything unusually physical to cause this pain. Coincidentally, I had just had a huge argument with my mother over my husband's and my choice to something with some of our money that she thought was wrong!

I am not diagnosing, but it might be worth a trip to your nearest Healing Touch practitioner to investigate this. Hope this helps and hope you are doing better.

Apr 24, 2010
Thank you for sharing!
by: Kathy

Thank you all for your sharing! I feel like there is hope and I will begin further exploring the chrystalline process. I have been researching the reasons for the pain on the left side of my body for some time now. Doctors can't figure it out. I, too, have gained too much weight. Doctors have misdiagnosed me as having epilepsy, then MS, and now simply dismiss it all. My cholesterol is now severely elevated and the recommendation is statin meds. I try not to ever take any meds. There is comfort in knowing others are going through this but, I must admit, I look forward to moving beyond this chronic pain and fatigue. Many blessings to each of you on this journey! Namaste~

Mar 30, 2010
you're not alone
by: Sharon

Pretty much have had the same symptoms as yours. Also gained 20 lbs despite regular exercise. Except for going to work, I don't go out much often now; been cocooning for about two years already. My doctor prescribed Lexapro/Cipralex. Its and anti-depressant but helps relieve the pain and other symptoms like feeling the heat, etc. and makes me sleep better. It seems to be working for me. Perhaps you should ask your doctor about it. I also try to have reiki healing once a month.

Mar 22, 2010
by: Anonymous

There is zero point technology that may help. It's a wand by Amega.

Pains are leaving and not returning, but directing the wand, on the body, reminding it of it's perfect state.

Mar 21, 2010
by: Sunflower

Psst... It's me, Joy! I wish I could be there with you to help you through this! I wish there was something I could do to make things better! Elle had some good suggestions. Hang in there, sweetheart. Things WILL get better -- I promise! I love you, sweet soul sister, and if I can't be there with you in body, I am with you in spirit ALWAYS!

Mar 21, 2010
I know how you feel!
by: Elle (Arizona)

About 2 weeks ago, I woke up in the morning with pain and stiff neck only on the left side of my body. It hurt SO MUCH that it felt like whiplash and I couldn't move my neck. But there was absolutely no reason for me to get that since I don't do ANYTHING anymore. It lasted for almost 2 weeks. Like you, I stay home all the time, and have gained 20 pounds that will not budge no matter what I do (and I've tried EVERYTHING!). I went from a size 5 to a size 11. It has been explained to me that the weight gain is important for the cellular changes and that we need the fat to coat the cells for the crystalline process (or something to that effect...)

I know it's hard to deal with heightened sensitivity, not wanting to be in crowds anymore, weight gain, no energy to do anything etc...Especially at a young age that most of your friends are inviting you places that you no longer have interest to go to. There are a lot of us going through this, you are not alone. I know it's easier said than done, but just ride it out. It will pass. Once the body releases what it needs to, you will feel better. Get as much rest as you can and don't feel guilty about it. Cry when you have to and release it, let it go. The weight will come off when you adjust to the new energies. And don't be afraid to let go of your past routine. If it doesn't fit anymore, don't beat yourself up for it. Just move on to something else that fits better.

I understand what you're going through! I'm right there with you. And I hope it passes SOON. I feel like I don't have a life anymore...Sending you a big hug :0)


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