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by joseph climber

hi everyone,
i have recently been experiencing pains in my neck,
i used to have the feeling in my stomach like i couldnt move i was paralised, low energy wanted to really eat and when i did i wouldnt be able to move far. i used to smoke but i decided to give it up as when ever i smoked i would feel like i was carrying a ton on my back. also some guy did some prayer with me and after that i decided to go running and i felt alot better. then my heart had pains but they went fast now my neck is feeling cramped especially when i eat, i am eating alot at the moment i do not feel full so i keep eating, i am a slim guy so i just toilet it out fast.
any help would help.
i do know a little on these subjects and have a good idea what it is but i would like to compare with somebody or some people


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i may know what is wrong
by: john H

I am a trained medical ssistant, not a doctor, but I do know about some things. here is my suggestion.
you say you have neck pain and eat a lot. If it was me, I would be monitoring how my head was positioned while I sleep. Sometimes if you sleep with your head in a specific angle you can wake up with neck pain. as far as your eating is concerned it may be a couple of things. You may have a thyroid condition that causes you to eat a lot, OR you may have a tapeworm. Also, stress has a lot to do with eating habits. some people eat a lot when they are stressed, and some do not eat at all. You stated you use the bathroom a lot and as soon as you eat it goes right through you. It also sounds like you may have an irritable bowel. check with your doctor to run some tests. a fecal matter test may find some problems with your bowels. Have the doc check for a tapeworm, tapeworms will make you hungry all the time because they eat the food within your stomach before your body can digest it. Drink plenty of water to cleanse your system, make sure the water is filtered. Sleep with a more comfortable pillow. use a heating pad on your neck and do not over exercise to make you exhausted. keep a log book for your doctor and note down things that happen on specific days and times, for this will help him determine what is wrong with you.
thanks, hope you feel better soon.
John H
Rancho cordova california.

Could be Great News for You
by: Jimmy

Sounds like your chakras are opening one at a time, rising to the upper levels. I had a similar experience, after what I believe to be a Kundilini rising. I didn't experience pain, but a tickling feeling in my chakra areas, which could be described as uncomfortable. Yours appears to be at the throat, which is exciting for you because next could either be your third eye or the bindu chakra at the back of your head. If so, you are in for a treat, because the higher levels can take you to different dimensions of awareness. I recommend meditating a lot to facilitate the process. The pain is temporary. Oneness is forever. Your future is better than you can currently imagine. Congratulations!

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