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paper sensitivity and feeling others emotions

by Jennifer B.
(lancaster, ca.)

I have been experiencing multiple strange things going on with me the last few months, while researching each of these things individually I started to notice they all may be related. I just turned 37 years old and started living in a new place, after 1 or 2 weeks there I started hearing noises in my room that sounded as if someone was shuffling paper right next to me, it was so loud I was startled, it became more and more frequent, then I started feeling pressure and tingling on my face, head and legs. It was as if someone was touching me, it became so frequent and predictable, every night between 1 and 4am, constantly, non stop, as if whatever was touching me had become obsessed with me, VERY SCARY! it has since stopped. I have also always been able to feel what the people around me feel, especially the negative feelings, they make my chest feel shaky and anxious, my stomach starts turning and feeling nauseous, almost like motion sickness because I am so shaky, I also get irritable and have to leave ASAP! it is unbearable! I was telling a friend about this and I got the feeling they thought I was crazy so I was on a mission to find anything that sounded similar.I found "intuitive and/or emotional empath." Since then, (about 2 weeks ago), I have been obsessed with learning what I can and realizing I need to learn techniques or meditation to protect myself. While searching I came across a link that had nothing to do with my search, it was about paper, I clicked on it and found many people explaining how they cant stand the feeling, smell, or sound of paper and cardboard, I have lived with that my whole life and never heard of anyone else with these same feelings. Does anyone know if this is part of being energy sensitive or an empath? I would really like for anyone who has had similar experiences to respond, I feel alone and "weird".

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Jun 16, 2014
raise vibration
by: Anonymous

JEN,focus on raising your vibration with meditation and prayer, visualization . I step into the Light the Love the Power and Protection of Jesus Christ. also sage your home and annoint your windows with Holy Water All BEST, DEVON

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