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Life has been very strange.. I dont feel normal or serene or in touch with spirit, I feel fevered,frustrated uncomfortable and angry and depressed. I cannot sit still and dont like trying to sleep because my fears rattle aroundI have been having lots of dreams where weddings, crocodiles, the sky and water are common themes. I have developed a fear of aliens due to all the stuff that is out now about reptillians and what this spiritual teacher has been saying to me. I wish i didnt hear any of it to begin with as its not helpful or enlightening, but now i have heard it I cant help thinking a bout it. I dont know I just feel their are weird energies and this underlying phenomenon going on that I cant quite put my finger on. But then i think, well regardless i should just be focusing on love and light as we create our own experiences.Has anyone else experienced this or have advise? Maybe i just need to see a doctor im thinking lol

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May 06, 2012
Inspire and uplift
by: Anonymous

I agree, I think it's best to focus on love. Find teachers and energy that inspire and uplift, that do not partake in darkness that provokes fear. Articles at may help.

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